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Woody OG Kush HD Marijuana Strain Pictures

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Woody OG is the same as our Morning Wood strain, it’s just grown by our cultivators instead of our partners. Woody will motivate you during the day, but it might be too energetic for nighttime smoking. If you’re looking for a good Sativa dominant hybrid, the Woody is the way to go. Please remember that all patients must bring a rec and ID with them in order to donation at our pre-ICO Reseda dispensary. One Love!

Woody OG Pictures | Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Woody OG All Grown Up

High Humboldt Relief Collective members! Those of you involved in our Facebook community have already seen the photos of Woody OG during the final phases of the grow cycle. We’re proud to say that this beautiful flower made it to the top shelf, and it’s just as frosty as the preview pics! Woody OG is our famous Morning Wood strain grown by a highly talented member of the HR crew. Take a look at the results of his green thumb:

Woody OG Reseda Medical Marijuana Menu

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Super Stiff Close Up

Frostiest Medical Marijuana

Top Shelf OG Kush

Woody is available for the regular donation price of $45 per 1/8th for members or $50 per 1/8th for temporary patients. As always, everyone must bring a medical cannabis rec and ID to our Reseda dispensary. On a side note, stay tuned for a very special announcement when we hit 1,000 Facebook fans! Be sure to like our page so you don’t miss out on the celebration! One Love!

Woody OG Strain Spotlight

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! It’s been a minute since we posted some current medical marijuana menu pictures; your humble photographer finally managed to get a photo shoot in over the weekend. There are plenty of stunning top shelf strains to choose from, but this Woody OG really stands out:

Note: click on thumbnail to see larger image

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Woody OG is an excellent Sativa dominant hybrid strain. Fans of the Morning Wood will love the Woody. This is mellower than a pure Sativa, but still gives you an energetic effect. Woody OG may interfere with your sleep schedule, so stick to day time medicating. For nighttime meds, we have 2 top shelf Bubbas in at the moment. As always, please remember to bring your rec and ID with you to our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

P.S. We are trying out different tools for keep this site running quickly and smoothly. Please let us know whether or not you prefer the image gallery lightbox or the old method of inserting huge photos. Your feedback helps us improve the quality of your experience, so put in your 2 cents!

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Diablo Kush Nug Picture

Marijuana Menu Update

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! This is just a brief note to let you know that several of your favorite marijuana strains are back at the best dispensary in Reseda! Please give a warm HR welcome to:

Diablo OG Kush

Devilishly Dank

Popeye OG Kush

Reseda Spinach

Woody OG

Woody Nugs

Please note that the above photos are NOT from the latest batches. These are strain pictures from previous posts to give you an idea of what these medications look like. As always, you will need to bring your cannabis rec and ID with you to the collective in order to donate for these medications. One Love!

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