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Jack Wreck Sativa Strain Pictures | Humboldt Relief

The Humboldt Relief menu features two new top shelf Sativa marijuana strains. The first is an HR classic— Grapefruit!

The second is a brand new must have for the Sativa lovers among us. Introducing….

Jack Wreck (Jack Herer x Trainwreck)

As the name suggests, this medication is a cross between two famous NorCal favorites, Jack Herer and Train wreck. At only $45 per 1/8th, there’s no reason not to give it a try:

A Tribute to A Cannabis Legend


Jack Would Be Proud.

Jack Herer is a mellower Sativa, but the Trainwreck side may be too intense for those sensitive to energetic cannabis. We recommend medicating with Jack Wreck during the day to avoid sleep disturbances. Please remember to bring your medical cannabis rec and ID with you to our Reseda dispensary when you come visit Jack. One Love!

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Trainwreck Strain Review with Pics 5/17/12

Trainwreck exemplifies Cannabis Sativa. From the long, slender nug structure to the fluffy flowers, this strain is a must for patients in search of energetic effects.  The Trainwreck sitting on the top shelf at Humboldt Relief is the best batch I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking:

Get Wrecked!


Sativa lovers rejoice!


Trainwreck Trichomes


A Slice of Sativa Heaven


We don’t recommend the Trainwreck to members with anxiety issues as it may produce unpleasant effects. Sativaheads will appreciate the Trainwreck’s functionality. While the Grapefruit induces a spacey euphoria, Trainwreck feels more like smoking a Red Bull. Grab this while it lasts at the best Reseda dispensary, and don’t forget your rec or ID. One Love!

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Trainwreck Strain Just In 5/16/12

Trainwreck arrived at Humboldt Relief in Reseda….the infamous Sativa strain is not for the faint of heart. Patients are already raving about this intense cerebral experience; pictures will be posted tomorrow morning. Suffice to say, you should make arrangements to stop by HR asap. Please don’t forget your medical marijuana recommendation or ID when you visit the collective. One Love!