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Trainwreck Strain Review with Pics 5/17/12

Trainwreck exemplifies Cannabis Sativa. From the long, slender nug structure to the fluffy flowers, this strain is a must for patients in search of energetic effects.  The Trainwreck sitting on the top shelf at Humboldt Relief is the best batch I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking:

Get Wrecked!


Sativa lovers rejoice!


Trainwreck Trichomes


A Slice of Sativa Heaven


We don’t recommend the Trainwreck to members with anxiety issues as it may produce unpleasant effects. Sativaheads will appreciate the Trainwreck’s functionality. While the Grapefruit induces a spacey euphoria, Trainwreck feels more like smoking a Red Bull. Grab this while it lasts at the best Reseda dispensary, and don’t forget your rec or ID. One Love!

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