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Medical Marijuana Menu 9/21/11

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! Believe it or not, yesterday’s medical marijuana menu update is already a bit out of date. So we decided to post a more current, complete version of what’s going on in Reseda today.

Top Shelf Medication $50 per 1/8th

Riddler OG

HR #23 Quarter Special only $90!

Maximus (almost gone)

Sugar Kush (almost gone)

Mid-level Medication $45 per 1/8th


818 OG


Purple Bubba

Mid-mid Level Medication $40 per 1/8th


Cotton Candy Kush (Special 5 gram 1/8th for $50!)

Assorted Pre-rolls, including SFV OG, Cotton Candy Kush, and Pre-91 Bubba.

Tons of edibles: Hubby Bars, Cannabutter, Medicated Lemonade, etc.

There you have it, folks! Please understand that our inventory changes almost on a daily basis. If you need an instant menu update, feel free to call the HR crew at 818-300-0020. One Love!

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