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Skywalker Pictures | Patient Appreciation | Humboldt Relief

High Humboldt Relief Collective members! Today is FREE JOINT WEDNESDAY! When our members donate for an 1/8th of Skywalker:

Top Shelf OG Kush

Or any other top shelf medical marijuana strain, you’ll get a FREE JOINT (1/2 Ounce Limit) on us. These free jays are not filled with shake, sticks, and stems. Our pre-rolls come packed with top shelf buds of your choice. That way you don’t just get more medication, you get something extra that will actually work for you! Sorry temporary patients, these tokens of patient appreciation are for our loyal members only! Everyone must bring a medical cannabis rec and ID with them to donate for medication at our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

Skywalker Strain Pictures | Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Friday Members’ Special

Top Shelf Quarter Ounce $80

Top Shelf Half Ounce $160

$5 Off 1 Gram Of Water Hash

Half Ounce Limit

Skywalker Marijuana Strain Pictures

Grab a quarter of your favorite medication, including classic medical marijuana menu items such as Skywalker:

Click On Photo To Enlarge Image

Feel The Force

Top Shelf Bud Porn

Cloud Nine

Solid Hybrid Strain

Remember, today’s special prices apply to full HR members only! Temporary patients pay the regular donation prices. Everyone must present a rec along with ID regardless of membership status. Have a wonderful weekend! One Love!

Skywalker Strain Photos | Reseda Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! Our latest marijuana menu features tons of connoisseur quality cannabis. While some strains come from outside sources, there are plenty of excellent choices in the regular priced $45 category, including this Skywalker:


Still Just $45 per 1/8th


Near Perfect Nugs


Trichome Close Up


As you can see, we have plenty of affordable medication to accommodate budget conscious patients.  Many top shelf strains are available in popcorn form, and we have several kinds of shake for only $20 per 1/8th!  One love!

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Skywalker Marijuana Strain Pictures 6/14/12

Skywalker OG is a well known medical marijuana strain of disputed genetic origins. Wherever it comes from, you’re sure to enjoy the beautiful batch sitting on our top shelf right now:

Skywalker Nug Shot


Intergalactic OG


Shimmering Trichomes


Skywalker Macro Photo

Clearly you don’t want to miss out on this tasty treat. Stop by soon and you’ll also find B-23, Brutus, Popeye, Wicked, and Morning Wood! For the Sativaheads, there’s a fresh batch of Chocolope on the middle shelf, too. Please remember to bring your medical cannabis rec and ID with you to our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

Best Top Shelf Marijuana Strains 5/19/12

All Strains Subject to Availability! Please Call to Reserve Your Medication!

Brutus OG, Skywalker OG, King Kush, and Morning Wood strains all arrived at Humboldt Relief yesterday. Rather than post four separate marijuana menu highlights, your humble photographer decided to create a single image of these four flavors:

Epic Top Shelf Medications

Hopefully you can see the purple streaks in each strain besides the Brutus. We don’t expect any of these tasty treats to last much longer; most of the nugs are the size of golf balls! Patients are already talking up the King Kush, but I personally recommend the Morning Wood. Whichever your pick, be sure to bring your cannabis card and ID with you to the best Reseda dispensary. One Love!

Skywalker Strain Pics on Free Jay Wednesday!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! It’s Hump Day, and you know what that means for all paid HR patients—FREE JOINTS! That’s right, full members get treated to a free joint for every 1/8th donation up to a 1/2 oz today! Don’t forget that during our Cannabis Cup sale, you can grab a free jay for a $40 top shelf 1/8th. Take this Skywalker for example:


Skywalker OG Kush on FREE JAY WEDNESDAY!


Soaring Skywalker OG Kush


Top Shelf Menu Macro Shot


Cannabis Cup Sale Skywalker OG Kush


Remember, you must show your physician’s recommendation for medical cannabis and an ID to access our medical marijuana dispensary. One Love!

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Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: Skywalker

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! Jane Doe fans will be happy to hear that there’s a very similar medical marijuana strain sitting on our top shelf. This batch of Skywalker makes an excellent Jane substitute:



Skywalker is another patient favorite, which means it won’t stick around for very long. Head to Reseda and start your week off right—with a walk in the clouds! One Love! Skywalker Rules!

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