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Butter OG Dispensary Top Shelf Menu

Butter OG Kush | Reseda Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Reseda Dispensary Wednesday Members’ Special

1 Free Top Shelf Pre-roll with Eighth Donation

Full Members’ Only – Half Ounce Limit on Free Joints

Butter OG Kush Menu Pictures

Butter OG Dank Marijuana Pictures

Super Smooth OG

Butter OG Kush Close Up

Smokes Like Budda

Butter OG Kush Reseda Dispensary Weed Menu

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Butter OG Kush Reseda Marijuana Menu

Extra Frosty Nugs

Butter OG is an Indica dominant top shelf strain perfect for pain relief. The nug structure is very similar to the Bubba strains we carry on a regular basis.

We know you’re all eager to learn more about our 420 celebration, and today we are announcing the 420 hours; we will be posting these again in case anybody misses this post:

Humboldt Relief 420 Celebration Hours Saturday 4/20/13 10am to 7pm!

See you all on Saturday…One Love!