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C4 Marijuana Strain | Top Shelf Sativa Menu | Humboldt Relief

Explosive Sativa

Monday mota-vation.

Soaring Sativa Nugs

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What is the C4 Marijuana Strain?

C4 is a Sativa dominant top shelf medical cannabis strain. Patients looking for an energetic effect to fight depression or social anxiety should sample C4.

Does C4 have any negative side effects?

Although this strain may make you feel social, C4 and other Sativa strains may induce anxiety or panic in some patients. If you have an anxiety disorder, such as panic attacks or obsessive compulsive disorder, you should be very careful when medicating with top shelf Sativas. Otherwise, the only thing you need to worry about is sleeplessness. Since Sativas give you energy, you should smoke them during the daytime to avoid sleep problems.

How Do I Donate for C4 Marijuana?

C4 and the rest of our top shelf cannabis menu are available for $45 per eighth for members or $50 per eighth for temporary patients. To donate for medication, you will need to bring your rec along with ID to our Reseda pre-ICO dispensary. One Love!

Jane Doe Strain | Top Shelf OG Kush Menu | Humboldt Relief

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Quarter Ounce of Marijuana Special $80 Donation

Half Ounce of Marijuana Special $160 Donation

$5 Off 1 Gram of Water Hash Donation

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Jane Doe OG Kush Pre-ICO Dispensary Menu Pictures

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Baddest Bitch in the SFV

Classic Jane Doe

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Come Meet Jane

What is Classic Jane Doe OG Kush?

Jane Doe is the original OG Kush strain of mystery. Classic Jane is grown by the first cultivators to introduce her to our collective. We also have Queen Jane, which is the organic version grown by different, equally talented caregivers.

How Do I Donate for Jane Doe OG Kush?

Jane Doe can be yours as long as you bring your medical cannabis recommendation along with your ID to our pre-ICO marijuana dispensary in Reseda. We ask that you call ahead for Jane because she tends to sell out very quickly, and we don’t want anyone to be disappointed. One Love!

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Free Pre Roll Joints | Election Results 2013 | Humboldt Relief

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Free Joint Wednesday Reseda Dispensary Discount

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May 21st Los Angeles Election Results

We’d like to thank all of the patients who voted in yesterday’s election. We appreciate your support—we wouldn’t be here without YOU! Here are the official election returns as of this morning:

MAYOR: Eric Garcetti 53.92
Wendy Gruel 46.07

CITY ATTORNEY: Mike Feuer 62.14
Carmen Trutanich 37.85

NO 37.42

MEASURE F : NO 59.11
YES 40.88

How Will Measure D Affect Dispensaries?

The short answer is that we don’t know. Fortunately, Humboldt Relief is a pre-ICO medical marijuana collective. That means we are one of the roughly 135 dispensaries who are allowed to operate as long as we comply with the new regulations. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to continue serving our loyal members like you! We will keep the community informed as things progress. Just so we’re clear, we want to move beyond the pre/post ICO divisions that weaken this movement. We do not want our post-ICO brothers and sisters to have to close. We recognize that there are legitimate post-ICO dispensaries who deserve to stay open and we will continue to support compassionate collectives. One Love!

Platinum Bubba Kush | Reseda Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Reseda Dispensary Cannabis Sale

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Top Shelf Quarter Ounce $80 Donation

Top Shelf Half Ounce $160 Donation

$5 Off Any Gram of Water Hash Concentrate

Half Ounce Limit at Sale Donation Price

Platinum Bubba Kush Menu Pictures

Super Dank Bubba

Silver and Purple Buds

Platinum Top Shelf

HD Marijuana Close Up

Platinum Bubba Kush is a strong top shelf Indica strain. Bubba strains are always great natural treatments for pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety. Take a break from the OGs and you will find other medications are equally effective in managing your symptoms. Don’t forget to bring your medical cannabis rec and ID with you to our pre-ICO medical marijuana dispensary. One Love!