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Platinum Bubba Kush | Reseda Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Reseda Dispensary Cannabis Sale

Friday Members’ Deal

Top Shelf Quarter Ounce $80 Donation

Top Shelf Half Ounce $160 Donation

$5 Off Any Gram of Water Hash Concentrate

Half Ounce Limit at Sale Donation Price

Platinum Bubba Kush Menu Pictures

Super Dank Bubba

Silver and Purple Buds

Platinum Top Shelf

HD Marijuana Close Up

Platinum Bubba Kush is a strong top shelf Indica strain. Bubba strains are always great natural treatments for pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety. Take a break from the OGs and you will find other medications are equally effective in managing your symptoms. Don’t forget to bring your medical cannabis rec and ID with you to our pre-ICO medical marijuana dispensary. One Love!

Butter OG Kush | Dispensary Menu Pictures | Humboldt Relief

SFV Marijuana Dispensary Daily Discount Menu

Save 10% on Donations Up to 1 Ounce – Members Ony

1 Ounce Limit at Sale Donation Price

Butter OG Kush Strain Pics

Melts in Your Mouth

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Bubba like nugs

Butter OG Close Up

Butter OG reminds me of a Bubba Kush strain. The flavor tastes like a Bubba and the prickly nug structure seems to indicate these genetics. Either way, the Butter OG is definitely an Indica dominant hybrid. With today’s discount, you can get an eighth of Butter for only $40.50, as long as you’re a full HR member. Just don’t forget to bring your rec and ID with you to our Reseda cannabis clinic. One Love!

Plain Jane OG Kush | Reseda Marijuana Dispensary | Humboldt Relief

San Fernando Valley Medical Cannabis Sale

Saturday Daily Dank Members’ Deal

Any 2 Grams of Top Shelf for $30 Donation

Limit 1 Two Gram Special Per Patient at Sale Donation Price

Plain Jane Marijuana Menu Photos

Jane Doe’s Sister

Best Top Shelf in the SFV

Plain Jane Needs Love, Too.

Plain Jane Still Shines.

What is Plain Jane Doe?

Plain Jane is the same as our Famous Jane Doe and Queen Jane medical marijuana strains. Plain Jane comes to us from another group of growers, so she has a different name to help you notice the different recipe. She smokes the same as her sisters, although you may notice that she feels more on the heady side than the other two. Jane Doe usually medicates like a 50/50 hybrid, Queen Jane leans more on the Indica side, and Plain Jane produces more Sativa effects. You won’t be disappointed in any of these ladies, although you may find that one works better for your symptoms.

How Do I Donate at Humboldt Relief?

We’ve noticed a lot of new faces at our Reseda dispensary, and we welcome all the first time patients in our community! You should know that we are a private collective, and we offer 2 membership plans. You may either join us by paying the $25 membership fee immediately or try us out for 6 months before making the commitment. We recommend getting the fully refundable lifetime membership because you will get an automatic discount and access to our daily dank deals. Either way, we ask all of our patients to show a rec and ID at every visit. If you have any more questions about the HR membership policy, just ask! Either fill out the contact form to your left or call us. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions via phone or email. One Love!

Harlequin Pictures | Best Sativa for Pain | Humboldt Relief

Reseda Marijuana Dispensary Discount Menu

Friday Top Shelf Sale

Quarter Ounce $80 Donation

Half OUnce $160 Donation

$5 Off 1 Gram of Water Hash Donation

HR Members’ Only – Half Ounce Donation Limit at Sale Price

Harlequin Sativa Strain Pictures

Harlequin Top Shelf Sativa

Shiny Sativa Nugs

High in CBDs

Trichomes Close Up

Harlequin is considered the best Sativa strain for pain because it is high in CBDs. Purple marijuana strains are also high in CBDs, and both are known as pain relievers for this reason. The Harlequin is fairly high in THC as well, which means it still delivers the trademark Sativa head high. Medicate with Harlequin during the day when you need motivation or plan to engage in physical activity. I personally find the Harlequin great for skateboarding. Don’t forget to pick up your rec and ID when you head to HR for today’s quarter special; otherwise you won’t be able to donate at our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

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Humboldt Relief Collective Review | Free Joints | Humboldt Relief

San Fernando Valley Dispensary Deal

One Free Top Shelf Pre-Rolled Joint with Each Eighth Donation

Permanent HR Members’ Only – Half Ounce Limit on Free Joint Promotion

Free Joint Wednesday Reseda Dispensary Discount

Come Get Your Free Jays!

Humboldt Relief Review on 420Cali

420 Cali Banner

420Cali.com MMJ News and Lifestyle

In case you ever wondered how your humble photographer became a volunteer at HR, you can read my story on 420Cali.com! My review includes the back story of my friendship with Big A as well as my top 5 HR medical marijuana strains with high definition photos. Please feel free to share your HR story in the comments section of the article:

Click Here to Read the Full HR Dispensary Review

Popeye Reserve Pictures | SFV Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Reseda Medical Marijuana Dispensary Discount Prices

10% Off Any Donation Up to an Ounce!

Members’ Only – Limit 1 Discount per Patient

Popeye OG Kush Private Reserve Pictures

Private Reserve Nugs

Extra Sticky Batch

Classic OG Smell

Top Shelf Sticky Buds

The pictures above show this super dank batch of Popeye while he was drying out. As soon as we took a whiff of his incredible OG Kush scent, we talked about making it into a cologne. This is without a doubt the best batch of Popeye we’ve seen since last year. We’re proud to present Popeye on 10% off Tuesday when an eighth of this top shelf strain only costs $40.50 for our loyal members. Just don’t forget to bring your rec and ID with you to our Reseda dispensary. When you come by on Saturday, be sure to check out the Popeye OG T-shirts we made for 420! Pics coming soon….One Love!