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Free Marijuana Joints at Humboldt Relief

Free Pre Roll Joints | Pre ICO Collective Los Angeles | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Marijuana Dispensary Los Angeles Members’ Weekly Special

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Free Marijuana Joints at Humboldt Relief

Humboldt Relief Abides.

How Much are Your Dispensary Menu Prices?

Our collective caps at $45 per 1/8th for HR members and $50 per 1/8th for temporary patients on the free 6 month trial membership. Our members receive automatic discounts on top shelf quarter ounces, half ounces, and full ounces as well. Please click on the menu link above to see the donation price breakdown for Humboldt Relief members.

Is Humboldt Relief Collective Legal Under PreICO Laws?

Yes! Our Reseda shop opened in 2006, long before the moratorium went into effect. We’ve kept up to date on all of our paperwork with the city of Los Angeles, and we are in compliance with Measure D so far. This means our patients can relax because we’re here to stay.

Are Your Hubby Bars Made with Hubby Oil or Hash Oil?

There are a lot of fake hubby bars floating around the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. We have a long standing relationship with the creators of the real hubby bars, and we know for a fact that we have the original medicated chocolate bars patients crave. If you read the labels on our hubby’s chocolate bars, they say “Hubby Oil”, not “Hash Oil”. If you see a medicated candy bar with the hubby name that does not say “Hubby Oil” on the label, beware!

Hubby Bars Authenticity Issues

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! Normally I’d post some tasty nug porn to get your motors running, but today I’m going to address the ongoing issue of counterfeit Hubby’s Edibles. First off, you should all know that Humboldt Relief provides genuine Hubby’s Chocolate Bars exclusively; we do NOT sell the phonies (aka Fubby’s). Our Hubby Bars are 100% authentic. For verification purposes, please see the official list of approved collectives on the Hubby’s Edibles website.

Beware of Fake Hubby Bar Websites!

We know there’s a great deal of confusion surrounding Hubby Bars, primarily because of this fake Hubby’s Edibles website. We’re not sure who’s behind that domain, but he/she does not represent Hubby’s. If you look closely at the background image on their homepage, you’ll see that a few of the chocolate bars say “Smack Bars.” Hubby’s have never used this name, although an unaffiliated vendor manufactured edibles called Smack Bars at one point. We’re not making any accusations—we’re simply stating the facts. That homepage also says that real Hubby Bars contain “Hash Oil” as an ingredient; this is no longer accurate. In an effort to differentiate the actual product from the imitations, the makers of Hubby Bars recently changed their label to read “Hubby Oil.” The bars at HR reflect this modification. Please be aware that some patients allegedly became ill after consuming the counterfeit Hubby’s Chocolates. For your own safety, always inspect the label when donating for a Hubby Bar at any medical marijuana dispensary. Here’s what genuine Hubby’s Chocolate Bars look like:

Hubbys Edibles Chocolate Bars

Made with HUBBY OIL

We hope this clears up the matter once and for all. If you have questions, feel free to contact us or talk to the Hubby’s folks directly by emailing Hubbybars@ymail.com. Stay safe—One Love!

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