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What is Queen Jane OG Kush?

Queen Jane isn’t quite ready yet, but she will be on our shelf today or tomorrow. Many patients wonder what is the difference between Jane Doe and Queen Jane. The answer is that Queen Jane is completely organic. She is also cut down later to bring out the heavier Indica side of the hybrid strain. We suggest that patients try both strains to see which one works the best for their symptoms. Just remember that you must bring your medical cannabis rec and ID with you every time you visit our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

Queen Jane Nug Shots 6/11/12

The Queen Jane strain arrived last Friday, and we fear she got lost in the excitement over the new B-23 strain. HR would like to apologize to her majesty; we didn’t mean to neglect our favorite organic medical marijuana menu item. Indeed, we think all of our members searching for potent a Indica dominant hybrid will enjoy this beautiful batch:


Her Highness


Bulky Nugs


Top Shelf OG Kush


Trichome Macro

If you ignored Queen Jane on your last visit, there’s still time to make amends. She’s waiting for you on the top shelf at our Reseda dispensary; she may give you the silent treatment at first, but she’ll come around. Just treat her with the respect she deserves, and she’ll return the favor. Please remember that you must have your cannabis rec and ID with you in order to access our facility. One Love!