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Free Pre Rolled Joints | Bill Maher Marijuana Quote | Humboldt Relief

Pre-ICO Dispensary San Fernando Valley Special

1 Free Top Shelf Pre Rolled Marijuana Joint with Eighth Donation Up to a Half Ounce

Full Humboldt Relief Collective Members Only!

Bill Maher Marijuana Quote for Free Jay Wednesday

Words of Wisdom from cannabis activist Bill Maher.

While we may not agree with all of his political views, we think medical marijuana patients everywhere can appreciate this quote by comedian and cannabis activist Bill Maher. We saw this quote a while ago on his Twitter account. Follow Bill for more gems like this awesome quote. One Love!

New Dispensary Business Cards | Menu Update | Humboldt Relief

Pre-ICO Medical Cannabis Menu Update

New Top Shelf Marijuana Strains

* Skywalker OG Kush * Jack Herer (Sativa) * JD Og Kush *

PrintFirm.com Business Card Review

We’ve been getting a lot of new patients at our Reseda collective, and we apologize for any problems with our previous business cards. We made the mistake of ordering them from VistaPrint, and we were very disappointed in the poor quality, especially the washed out colors. But we listened to your gripes, and we’re pleased to present our new business card design from PrintFirm.com in Canoga Park:

Full Color Business Cards Done Right.

High Quality and Better Contrast

The problem with our other cards wasn’t just the horrible color quality; when it comes to business card designs, it’s important to use strong contrasting colors as well as larger fonts that are easy to read. This time, I designed the card in green and white because those go well together without blending. I used two fonts with big letters to make our contact information really pop out. We used the same 14 pt. cardstock as before, which means the paper selection wasn’t causing the problems.

Patient Community Feedback

We want to know what you guys think of the business cards before we place another order. We plan to keep using PrintFirm.com, but we want to make sure you guys like the design. I had a lot of fun working on this printing project, and I’m always looking for ways to improve your patient experience. The design possibilities here are endless. So please leave your feedback in the comments below! One Love!

Medical Cannabis Menu | Humboldt Relief

High Humboldt Relief Collective members! In case you missed our latest WeedMaps marijuana menu update, here’s the full strain list at the best dispensary in Reseda. Please note that these prices are for HR members; temporary patients pay an additional $5 per 1/8th for medications!

Medical Marijuana Menu

Indica Marijuana
King Kush-$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Platinum Bubba Kush-$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Bubba Kush-$15/$40/$80/$160/$320
Pre 98 Bubba Kush – $15/$35/$70/$140/$280

Sativa Marijuana
Skunk x Romulan-$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Blue Rhino-$20/$45/$90/$180/$325

Hybrid Marijuana
Maximus OG -$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
SFV OG -$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Wicked OG – $20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Popeye OG -$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Skywalker -$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Jupiter OG -$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Bubba Dawg -$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Larry OG -$20/$45/$90/$180/$325
HR #23 – $20/$45/$90/$180/$325
Firewalker – $20/$40/$80/$160/$300
Deathstar OG – $20/$40/$80/$160/$300
Dawg OG -$15/$35/$70/$140/$280
Mid Valley OG -$15/$35/$70/$140/$280
Jane Doe Shake -$7/$20/$40/$65/$120

Edible Marijuana
Hubby Bars -$10 per bar

Jane Doe Water Hash – $13 per half gram $25 per gram
Popeye OG Water Hash – $13 per half gram $25 per gram
Jack Dream Water Hash – $13 per half gram $25 per gram
Grapefruit Water Hash – $13 per half gram $25 per gram
Strom Water Hash – $13 per half gram $25 per gram
Jack Herer Water Hash – $13 per half gram $25 per gram
Super Silver Haze Water Hash – $8 per half gram $15 per gram
Green Crack Water Hash – $8 per half gram $15 per gram

Remember, all patients must present a valid medical cannabis rec along with proper ID in order to donate at our cannabis clinic. We always appreciate your feedback, so feel free to leave us a review here or on our WeedMaps page. One Love