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Queen Jane Organic OG Kush | Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Organic OG Kush

Bulky Top Shelf Nugs

Nature’s Medicine

Queen Jane Close Up

Is Queen Jane an OG Kush strain?

Yes, Queen Jane is an organic OG Kush that sits on the top shelf at our pre ICO dispensary in Reseda. The Queen is the same as our famous Jane Doe strain, but with a slightly different recipe. Patients looking for natural pain relief or a remedy for anxiety should give this medication a try. Queen Jane is an Indica dominant hybrid, unlike classic Jane, which we consider a bit more on the Sativa side.

What is the Queen Jane Dispensary Menu Price?

The donation prices at our collective depend on your membership status. If you are a temporary patient on the free 6 month trial membership, then your price is $50 per 1/8th. Our loyal full members receive an automatic discount, so they pay $45 per 1/8th. You can still find Humboldt Relief coupons in Green Acres Magazine to get discounts on our medical marijuana; offers expire on the 31st, so don’t delay!

Did Humboldt Relief Collective Make the City Attorney’s Pre-ICO Dispensary List?

Yes! HR opened in 2006 and has been serving Los Angeles area patients ever since. We are a legal cannabis shop that will continue helping patients for many years to come. One Love!

Queen Jane Marijuana Pictures | Quarter Oz Deal | Humboldt Relief


Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! It’s Friday, which means our quarter ounce special is in effect! Full HR members pay just $80 for quarter ounces or 160 per half ounce for any house strain (1/2 oz limit). Our top shelf house strains include any medical marijuana strain that’s normally available for $45 per 1/8th.

Queen Jane Marijuana Photos

Please Call (818) 300-0020 To Ensure Strain Availability

Queen Jane is set to arrive just in time for the Friday sale. Queen Jane is the organic version of our famous Jane Doe strain, and she tends to lean more towards the Indica side than classic Jane:


Organic OG Kush


Bulky Nugs


Royal Trichomes


Her Majesty Queen Jane


Her majesty Queen Jane should grace us with her presence some time today. Please remember that all patients must present a current recommendation for medical cannabis and ID to enter our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

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Jane Doe Organic Marijuana Strain Pictures 7/21/12

Queen Jane is a Humboldt Relief house strain our loyal patients revere. This succulent top shelf marijuana strain is the organic version of the famous Jane Doe. While most patients consider regular Jane to be a Sativa dominant hybrid, Queen Jane packs an intense Indica punch:


Delicious Indica dominant hybrid


Organic OG Kush


Her majesty’s trichomes


Ain’t she purdy?


Queen Jane never disappoints, and she’s just $45 per 1/8th for full members or $50 for temporary patients. Please remember that you must bring your marijuana card and ID with you to our Reseda cannabis co-op every visit. One Love!

Organic Brutus OG Kush Nug Shots!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! Those of you who are fans of HR on Facebook already know that another fine batch of Organic Brutus OG Kush arrived on our top shelf yesterday. Here are the pics as promised:


Organic Brutus, Nature's Medicine


Bulky Brutus Nugs


Brutus OG Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid


Pesticide Free Medication


Brutus OG is an infamous medical marijuana strain known for its extreme potency. It tends to run out within 24 hours, so stop by our Reseda dispensary today! Don’t forget to bring your cannabis card and ID with you to the co-op. One Love!

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