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Morning Wood Marijuana Strain Humboldt Relief

Morning Wood Pictures | SFV Collective | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Collective SFV Menu Updates and Announcements

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New Top Shelf Indica Marijuana Strain – Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Free Marijuana Joint Wednesday

Full Humboldt Relief Members Get 1 Free Pre Rolled Joint with 1/8th Donation Up to a Half Ounce

Morning Wood Marijuana Strain Menu Pictures

Morning Wood Marijuana Strain Humboldt Relief

Best Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Morning Wood Marijuana Nug Dispensary Menu

Beautiful Dense Nugs

Morning Wood Reseda Cannabis Menu

Dankest OG Kush in the SFV

Score a Free Jay with Your Medication

Is Morning Wood the Best Sativa Dominant Hybrid on Your Dispensary Menu?

The Morning Wood is an excellent Sativa dominant hybrid OG Kush strain. The Wood is mellow enough for people who are normally sensitive to Sativas. For a more pure Sativa strain, we recommend the top shelf Grapefruit. If you are looking for a more budget friendly option, the SFV OG Kush is currently on special for $40 per 1/8th for our full members or $45 per 1/8th for temporary patients. The SFV is the real San Fernando Valley OG, and it’s covered in bright orange hairs. Do not let the lower donation price fool you—this SFV is very potent.

Will Humboldt Relief be Open on Labor Day?

No, HR will be closed in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 2nd. Our volunteers need time to rest just like our patients do. Please note that we will also close early on Saturday, August 31st. This coming Saturday, our hours will be from 12pm to 4pm. Please arrange your visit accordingly.

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Tonight we will be live tweeting from the Black Sabbath concert in Irvine, CA. There will be lots of other patients at the show, and we are really excited about seeing the metal gods play together. If you’re going to the concert, too, be sure to tweet our account. Don’t miss the action during the Sabbath show—-follow Humboldt Relief! One Love!

Woody OG Pictures | Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Woody OG All Grown Up

High Humboldt Relief Collective members! Those of you involved in our Facebook community have already seen the photos of Woody OG during the final phases of the grow cycle. We’re proud to say that this beautiful flower made it to the top shelf, and it’s just as frosty as the preview pics! Woody OG is our famous Morning Wood strain grown by a highly talented member of the HR crew. Take a look at the results of his green thumb:

Woody OG Reseda Medical Marijuana Menu

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Super Stiff Close Up

Frostiest Medical Marijuana

Top Shelf OG Kush

Woody is available for the regular donation price of $45 per 1/8th for members or $50 per 1/8th for temporary patients. As always, everyone must bring a medical cannabis rec and ID to our Reseda dispensary. On a side note, stay tuned for a very special announcement when we hit 1,000 Facebook fans! Be sure to like our page so you don’t miss out on the celebration! One Love!

Morning Wood Strain Pictures | Humboldt Relief | Legal Dispensary

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! Yesterday we received more Brutus OG along with a new batch of Morning Wood. Those of you who are unfamiliar with our Morning Wood strain should definitely sample this exotic Sativa dominant hybrid:

Dense Hybrid Nugs


Rise and Shine


Morning Wood Close Up


Good Morning!

Both of these medications are available for only $45 per 1/8th for our members or $50 per 1/8th for temporary patients. Don’t forget to bring your rec and ID with you when you stop by our cannabis clinic. One Love!

Marijuana Menu Update | SFV Dispensary | Humboldt Relief

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! When we posted our full menu on Saturday, we promised special additions as the week progressed. We’re a collective of our word because we’ve got some new top shelf strains for you to try. The first is a super bomb version of our house strain Larry OG; the classic recipe got a little twist, so we’re calling it Curly OG Kush! The second strain always raises everyone’s spirits—please welcome back the Morning Wood! We’re always looking for feedback, so be sure to tell us what you think of Curly’s OG. One Love!

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Morning Wood | Exotic Marijuana Pictures 6/15/12

Friday Special Top Shelf 1/4oz $80; 1/2oz $160; $10 off Middle Shelf; Mix & Match Any Combinations up to a 1/2 oz!


Today’s featured medical marijuana strain is none other than that exotic Morning Wood:

Unique Medical Cannabis


Golf Ball Sized Nugs


Hard Trichomes


Colorful Medical Cannabis


Don’t let the bulky nug structure or purple streaks fool you because this medication leans towards the Sativa side. We believe every patient should try this at least once. There’s certainly a noticeable Indica component, so don’t worry about raciness.

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