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Wicked OG on Memorial Weekend!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We would like to remind everyone that we will close at 5pm today 5/26/12, and we will be closed all day on Sunday, 5/27/12, as well as Monday, 5/28/12. That means you need to stop by asap to get your holiday weekend medication! May we suggest the Wicked OG strain:


Have a WICKED Memorial Day!

Other menu highlights include Larry OG, Jane Doe, Popeye OG, Blue Dream, and Grapefruit! Get down to the best Reseda dispensary, and don’t forget your cannabis recommendation or your ID. One Love!

Reseda Marijuana Menu 5/18/12

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! You’re going to love our new medical marijuana menu, especially since we’re running those Friday 1/4 and 1/2 oz specials! We just got in some Brutus, Morning Wood, Skywalker, and King Kush; enough of the teasers, here’s the full strain list:

Medical Marijuana Menu 5/18/12

Top Shelf Marijuana Member Price: $45 per 1/8th Temporary Member Price: $50 per 1/8th

Skywalker NEW!(HR Staff Pick #4)
Wicked OG (HR Staff Pick #3)
Larry OG (HR Staff Pick #5)
Morning Wood New!(HR Staff Pick #6)
King Kush New!(HR Staff Pick #2)
Brutus New!(HR Staff Pick #1)

Mid-level Marijuana Member Price: $40 per 1/8th Temporary Member Price: $45

Sour Diesel
White Widdow
Riddler OG:SPECIAL 40 eighth
Plain Jane:SPECIAL 40 eighth
King George:SPECIAL 40 eighth

Budget Marijuana $20 per 1/8th

Sweet Tooth

Marijuana Shake Deals $20 per 1/8th $125 per oz

Popeye Shake
Wicked Shake
Jane Doe Shake

How’s that for an ultra dank lineup? See you at the HR, and don’t forget your cannabis rec as well as your ID. One Love!

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Insane Menu 7/21/11

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! Here’s the latest medical marijuana menu from HR, your friendly neighborhood collective. There’s something for everyone on here, so stop by and grab your weekend meds.

Top Shelf Medication 20/50/95

Wicked OG
Querkle-1 Gram Limit
And 1
Diablo OG (HR Staff Pick #4)
Dr. Green Thumb Red Ribbon
King Kush (HR Staff Pick #3)
GWalker (HR Staff Pick #2)
Deathstar OG
Brutus (HR Staff Pick #1)
Riddler OG
Jane Doe (HR Staff Pick #5)

Mid-Level Medication 15/45/85

Purple Bubba
Sour Diesel
Blackberry Kush
True OG

Mid-mid-Level Medication 15/40/75

Cotton Candy Kush (5 Grams For $50 SPECIAL)

Budget Medication 10/35/65

Pre 98 Bubba

Super Value Medication 10/30/55


There you have it folks! Please note the 1 gram limit on the Querkle strain.  This is a new addition to our menu, so you may not be familiar with its effects. Querkle is an Indica dominant hybrid. For more information, please read the marijuana strain library. One Love!

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Medical Marijuana Menu Update

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! This is just a quick note to let you all know that our famous Grapefruit is back on our top shelf! This is an intense Sativa medical marijuana strain that’s become a house favorite. The Grapefruit never sticks around for very long, so hurry down to HR! One Love!

Medical Marijuana Menu Update 5/20/11

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! This is a quick note to let you know that everyone’s favorite top shelf medical marijuana strain, Brutus OG, is back! You guys know how quickly he disappears, so get here asap! This is going to be a beautiful weekend. One Love!

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Welcome to the Garden v 2.0

Hello, patients! Welcome to the new HR website! You all know me as VooDoo Chile on WeedTracker and HumboldtRelief on our previous website.

This is obviously a work in progress as there’s not much content. Navigation is basically the same as it was on our previous site. You can access the latest menu, strain spotlights, and important announcements from the homepage. There’s one major difference, and that’s the comments format. From now on, please direct comments, questions, etc. to our forum. We think you’ll appreciate this feature because it’s very similar to our WeedTRACKER forum. You can post up your own pictures, videos, articles, and interact with staff members whenever you wish.You’ll notice that there are some other pages, including  All Stars and Contact. These pages are meant for new and/or prospective members looking for additional information about our collective. They’re not going to change very often, so our loyal patients needn’t worry about checking them for updates.

We will make a concerted effort to respond to posts in a timely manner; however, please be patient with us as I still have a full time position elsewhere.

We will not display advertisements on this site. Ever. We will not share any forum account information, such as email addresses, with anyone else. We value your privacy and vow to respect it.

We also believe in the principles behind the First Amendment. As such, we will try our best to facilitate an open dialogue. We cannot do this without your assistance. Please be kind to one another and behave in a mature fashion. We welcome participation from all members of the medical marijuana community, but we will not tolerate spam, outright bashing, or solicitations on behalf of other collectives.

That said, we welcome patient feedback. As members of Humboldt Relief, you are all entitled to a voice. We  value your input and look forward to serving your medical needs through this venture.

Enjoy the site! One Love!