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Puff Puff Pass Wednesday

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Puff Puff Pass Wednesday

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What are your California Dispensary Menu Prices?

Our pre-ICO Collective offers medical marijuana strains to suit every patient’s budget. Our top shelf caps at $45 per 1/8th for full members or $50 per 1/8th for temporary patients on the free 6 month trial program. Middle shelf donation prices range from $40 per eighth to $30 per eighth depending on the quality. We also offer value options, such as shake for $20 per 1/8th while supplies last. Hubbies edibles prices are $10 per bar and our house edibles are $5 per package.

What is the Latest News on Proposition D and Pre-ICO Dispensaries in Los Angeles?

According to the latest update from the Daily News, Measure D is facing legal challenges from several cannabis collectives. We do not know what took place during the City Council meeting mentioned in the Daily News article, but we will keep you informed as details come to light. We are thankful to be included in the list of eligible dispensaries under Prop D, and look forward to working with the city. One Love!

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Those of you who celebrated 420 with us will remember this dank top shelf strain. The Terminator OG Kush is a powerful Indica dominant strain with beautiful, bulky nugs. Fans of the Brutus strain will enjoy medicating with Terminator as it produces similar effects.

We hope you will join us, Billy Idol, and Tommy Chong at the Measure D fundraiser tonight at CityWalk! Get your tickets on Facebook—One Love!

Los Angeles Pot Ordinance Voter Information | Humboldt Relief

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Los Angeles Pot Ordinances: Measure D and F Information

Is Measure D or Measure F Better For Los Angeles Dispensaries?

Patients, we hope you all plan to vote in the Los Angeles Mayoral Election on May 21st. Your vote will help determine the future of safe access in the city. This week the California State Supreme Court upheld the right of local cities to completely ban marijuana dispensaries, which means the May election matters more now than ever before. We are NOT here to tell you how to vote; all we ask is that you make an informed decision. You have a choice between Measure D and Measure F—get the facts about both propositions on 420Cali.com:

Click Here to Get the Facts on Measure D and Measure F