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Master Kush Strain | Pre ICO Dispensary Los Angeles | Humboldt Relief

Happy Saturday patients! Here are some HD pictures of an underrated medical marijuana strain.

Master Kush Pre-ICO Dispensary Menu Pictures

Marijuana Dispensary Prices $45 per 1/8th Top Shelf for Members $50 per 1/8th for Temporary Patients. Must Show Rec & ID at Every Visit!

Master of Kushes

Best Marijuana for Pain and Sleep

Pure Cannabis Indica

Premium Medical Grade Bud

Is the Master Kush Strain the Best Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief?

The Master Kush marijuana would be ideal for patients suffering from chronic pain or insomnia. Master Kush genetics are Hindu Kush x Skunk, which means it’s basically a pure Indica. The effects are similar to that of a Bubba. The Master won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1992 & 1993 (Source Leafly). Master would be a nice change of pace for patients who normally stick to OG Kush varieties.Since it can a powerful sedative, it’s not a good idea to smoke Master during the day. If you need to control your pain without getting drowsy, you can mix this Master with a Sativa dominant strain, such as the Morning Wood. Many patients find mixing Indicas and Sativas give them the best of both worlds, energy without anxiety or paranoia.

Is Humboldt Dispensary in Reseda, CA on the 2013 Pre-ICO Collective List?

We are proud to be eligible to operate in the city of Los Angeles under Measure D. We’ve been serving the San Fernando Valley and the Greater LA area since October of 2006, which is over a year before the city council introduced the moratorium on medical cannabis shops. We are also one of the original collectives where patients can buy genuine hubby’s edibles made with 100% Hubby Oil. We know many of our post-ICO brothers and sisters have to shut down, and we are sad to see safe access decline. Still, we will continue to do our part to help patients get the meds they need for fair donation prices.

Does Humboldt Relief Carry Cloud Vape Pens and Smoking Accessories?

You’ll find many of your favorite medical cannabis products at our collective. We have Cloud Vapes for sale for $80; please note that the units don’t come with medication. We also offer pre-roll joints, Doob Tubes, glass pipes, bongs, bubblers, grinders, Zig Zig rolling papers, lighters, and bee line.