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Amazing Medical Marijuana Menu Update

Hello, patients! Have we got news for you! I’ve just received word that our top shelf suddenly exploded! That’s right—- Brutus and the King Kush are in stock along with the 2010 Cannabis Cup Winner, Tangerine Dream! Please note: there’s a 1/8th per patient limit on these medications. Since these are all top shelf strains, the suggested donation price is $50 for 1/8th. Brutus OG and the King Kush are both heavy hitting Indicas whereas the Tangerine Dream is basically a pure Sativa. Some of you may remember that we previously offered the Tangerine Dream, but placed a 1 gram limit on the strain. Due to the positive feedback from you guys, it returned in a larger quantity.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head out to Humboldt Relief and get yourself medication worthy of this gorgeous day! One Love!

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Humboldt Relief Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: King Arthur

Hello, patients! We’ve gotten a lot of comments about our top shelf King Arthur strain. This Indica from the King Kush family is truly royal medication. We’re almost out of it again, so you’d better hurry up if you want some of this:


You can clearly see the purple undertones in this image:

Remember, this medication is almost gone. If you’re dead set on obtaining it, please call in advance to ensure availability. One Love!

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