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Strain Spotlight: King George aka King Kush

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend! Those of you searching for a potent top shelf Indica medical marijuana strain should donate for the King George:



King George is the same strain as our King Kush and King Arthur medications; the alternate name merely signifies a different grower. When smoked in controlled doses, the King George produces pain relief and relaxation without sedation. As such, the King George cannabis strain can be used during the day. Larger quantities of King George may cause drowsiness, so it’s suitable for nighttime consumption. Please remember to bring your doctor’s recommendation along with your ID with you with to our Reseda marijuana clinic every time you visit. One Love!

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Humboldt Relief Collective Menu 12/21/11

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! Here’s the best medical marijuana menu deal in Reseda:

Top Shelf Medication 20/45/90

King George (HR Staff Pick # 4)
Wicked OG (HR Staff Pick #2)
Bannana OG
Fire OG
HR23 (HR Staff Pick #3)
Jane Doe (HR Staff Pick #5)
God’s Gift
Purple Haze
Riddler OG

Budget Medication 10/30/55

Sweet Tooth

Super Value Medication 20 per 1/8th; 125 Ounce

Queen Jane Shake
Larry23 Shake
Jane23 Shake
Wicked OG Shake

Now you know where to get your favorite strains this holiday. One Love!

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Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: King George

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! Yesterday we showcased our killer Sativa Grapefruit strain. Today we’d like to discuss something from the opposite end of the medical marijuana spectrum, King George:


King George is a heavy hitting top shelf Indica otherwise known as King Kush; it’s grown by the same experts who provide our famous Jane Doe. The name King Kush may be a bit misleading because the strain’s actually a Bubba. Those of you who like the relaxed, faded feeling of Bubba strains will love King George. As always, please bring your recommendation as well as ID with you to our Reseda collective when you come pick up the King. One Love!

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