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JD Kush Pictures | Pre ICO Menu Prices | Humboldt Relief

JD Top Shelf OG Kush Bud Pictures

Our famous Jane Kush

Balanced Hybrid Strain

AM or PM Meds

Sweet Trichomes

Is JD OG Kush the Same as Jane Doe?

JD OG is the same strain as our famous Jane Doe Kush, but it’s grown by a different crew. We changed the name so you patients will know that this batch isn’t exactly like original Jane.

How Much is an 1/8th of Top Shelf Marijuana?

The donation price for top shelf depends on your membership status. If you’re a full member, then you pay $45 for an 1/8th. Temporary patients pay $5 more or $50 per 1/8th for medication.

How Do I Get the Lower Donation Price?

You need to become a full member to get the automatic discount on our marijuana menu strains. We offer lifetime membership for a one time $25 membership fee. Lifetime membership means that you never have to renew your membership. As long as we have your patient records, you will be able to get a discount and be eligible for promotions, such as free joint Wednesday. One Love!

Jane Doe Bud Pictures | Reseda Marijuana Discount | Humboldt Relief

San Fernando Valley Marijuana Dispensary Discount

Monday Members’ Freebie

Get 1 Free Cannabis Edible With Your Eighth Donation!

Limit 1 Edible Per Patient

Jane Doe OG Kush Top Shelf Nug Pics

Reseda’s Best OG Kush

Top Shelf Hybrid

Shiny and Sticky

The Baddest Bitch in the SFV.

Jane Doe is famous for loving and leaving, so you should call us to make sure she’s still in stock before you make the drive. Jane’s been known to disappear within 24 hours, especially when there’s a super sticky batch such as the one pictured above. We’ve also got an amazing batch of Private Reserve Popeye that should be ready today. You won’t believe how good this batch looks and smells! With all these dank choices, you’ll have plenty of meds to get you through to 420 on Saturday. Just don’t forget to bring your rec and ID with you to our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

Jane Doe Strain Pics | Humboldt Relief | Reseda Dispensary

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We got a VERY SMALL batch of Brutus OG yesterday along with some more of his girl classic Jane Doe:

Lady Jane


Ain’t She Pretty?


Jane Close Up


Mysterious OG Kush

HR patients, you know how long Brutus and Jane last on our top shelf. It goes without saying that you should arrange your visit to our cannabis co-op as soon as possible! Please remember to bring your rec and ID with you when you stop by. One Love!