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Jane Doe Top Shelf OG Kush – Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Discount Dispensary Menu Prices

Saturday Members’ Deal

Any 2 Grams Top Shelf $30 Donation

Jane Doe Top Shelf Medical Marijuana Strain

The Bad Bitch is Back

Top Shelf OG Kush

Jane Doe Bud Shot

Jane’s been naughty.

Jane Doe is one of our most popular strains for a reason. She’s got a classic OG flavor and a super smooth finish. Jane’s regular price is $45 per 1/8th for members or $50 for temporary members. Check our new daily deals as seen in Green Acres magazine for even lower prices on your favorite connoisseur strains. New patients, see our WeedMaps menu for a sweet score. Be sure to tell us how you discovered the best collective in the San Fernando Valley. One Love!

Lucas OG Kush Bud Porn | Discount Menu | Humboldt Relief

Daily Dank Dispensary Discount

Save 10% Tuesday

Automatic 10% Off Any Donation Up to 1 Ounce

Members Only – Limit 1 Discount Per Customer

Lucas OG Marijuana Dispensary Menu

Feel The Force

Top Shelf Hybrid

Tuesday Dispensary Discount

Lucas OG Bud Porn

Lucas OG Kush is a top shelf hybrid that many patients find similar to Skywalker. As part of our new daily dank deals, you can take home an 1/8th of Lucas OG for only $40.50 donation price just because it’s Tuesday! Don’t forget to bring your rec and ID to get in on the action at the best dispensary in the San Fernando Valley. One Love!

Black Rhino Marijuana | Edible Monday | Humboldt Relief

Daily Dank Dispensary Discount

Medical Edible Monday

Daily Dank Dispensary Discount

1 Free Edible With 1/8th Donation

Members Only – Limit 1 Edible Per Customer

Black Rhino Marijuana Menu Pictures

Blackberry Kush x White Rhino

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Pretty Purple Streaks

Dankest Top Shelf in the SFV

Black Rhino is a super dank cross of Blackberry Kush x White Rhino. We only received a small amount, so there’s not much of this top shelf hybrid left at the best dispensary in the San Fernando Valley. Please call (818) 300-0020 to ensure strain availability! And don’t forget to grab your medical cannabis rec and ID before you head out. One Love!

Daily Dank Deals | Dispensary Discount | Humboldt Relief

Daily Dank Dispensary Discount

Friday Members’ Special

$80 for Top Shelf Quarter Ounce

$160 per Top Shelf Half Ounce

$80 for Top Shelf Quarter Ounce

$5 Off 1 Gram of Water Hash

Members’ Only, 1/2 Ounce Limit on Flower Donations at Discounted Price.

Collective Announcement New Daily Dank Specials | Humboldt Relief

Your Daily Dank Deals

High Humboldt Relief Collective members! We’ve got lots of exciting news to report on this FREE JAY WEDNESDAY. Earlier we mentioned that we placed an ad in Green Acres Magazine. Our issue drops today—grab your FREE copy at a 7-Eleven near you! Green Acres is available at Southern California 7-Eleven stores, including those in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas. It’s packed with cool stuff, but we like page 37 best of all.

Daily Dank Dispensary Deals at HR

HR members, you read that ad correctly; we’re now offering a token of patient appreciation every day of the week! Our full members are eligible for the following daily medical marijuana menu specials:

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  • Monday – 1 Free Edible with Every Eighth Donation
  • Tuesday – 10% Off Any Donation Up to 1 Ounce
  • Wednesday – 1 Free Joint with Every Eighth Up to a Half Ounce
  • Thursday – $300 For Any Top Shelf Ounce Donation
  • Friday – $80 Donation Per Top Shelf Quarter Ounce, $5 Off 1 Gram of Water Hash
  • Saturday – $30 Donation for Any 2 Grams of Top Shelf


If you like these deals, wait till you see what’s in store for our 420 celebration. When you’re at 7-Eleven, don’t forget to snap a picture of our ad and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. As always, everyone must have a valid medical cannabis recommendation as well as ID to donate for medication at the best Reseda dispensary. One Love!

Stoney St. Patrick’s Day Greetings From Humboldt Relief!

High Humboldt Relief Collective members! This is just a brief note to wish everyone a safe and stoney St. Patrick’s Day! We will see you all tomorrow during our regular dispensary hours from 10am to 8pm. One Love!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Humboldt Relief!

Lemon Diesel Marijuana | Friday Deal | Humboldt Relief

Friday Members’ Special

$80 Top Shelf Quarter Ounce Donation

$160 Top Shelf Half Ounce Donation

$5 Off 1 Gram of Water Hash

New Water Hash: GrapeFruit and Sour Jack- Regular Donation Price $13 per half gram $25 per gram ($20 per Gram Today Only!)!

Lemon Diesel Middle Shelf Marijuana Menu

Lemon OG x Sour Diesel

A Twist of Lemon

Lemon OG x Sour Diesel

Lemon Diesel Bud Porn

Lemon Diesel is from the middle shelf of our medical marijuana menu, so it’s even less expensive than the items included in today’s special. Lemon Diesel is only $35 per 1/8th or $65 per 1/4 oz. This Sativa strain is perfect for patients on a budget. Remember, everyone must present a rec and ID at our Reseda dispensary to donate for medication. One Love!

Marijuana Discount Menu | Maximus OG | Humboldt Relief

Friday Members’ Medical Marijuana Discount: $80 per 1/4 oz – $160 per 1/2 oz – $5 Off Water Hash

Half Ounce Limit on Flower Donations; 1 Gram Limit on Water Hash Donation

Maximus OG Kush Pictures

Maximum Pain Relief

Maximus OG Kush is a top shelf Indica dominant hybrid, so today’s member discount applies to this strain. Maximus is perfect for pain relief, but it may cause drowsiness. Grab some Maximus while it’s on special, but don’t forget to bring your cannabis rec and ID with you to our Reseda marijuana clinic. One Love!

Home Grown Bakery Edibles | Humboldt Relief

Marijuana Menu Addition: Introducing Home Grown Bakery Edibles

Home Grown Bakery Marijuana Edible Pictures Pictures

HR Knows the Muffin Man

Tasty Coconut Treat

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Medicated Turtles

Humboldt Relief is pleased to announce that we now carry Home Grown Bakery Edible Products! Available in 4 delicious flavors, Cinnamon Blueberry Muffins, White Chocolate Coconut Cookies, Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes, and Smoked Almond Turtles! The donation price is $8 per piece; these are an excellent butter based alternative to Hubby Bars.

Since they are made with cannabutter, they are not as strong as Hubbies. We recommend these for patients in need of mild pain relief or for those with a low tolerance to edibles. As always, keep marijuana edibles away from children. Please medicate with caution as edibles can cause severe drowsiness for several hours. Let us know what you think of this new menu addition, and be sure to bring your rec and ID with you to our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

Asian Dream Strain Pictures | Menu Update | Humboldt Relief

Reseda Marijuana Dispensary Menu Update

  • Asian Dream (S/I) – 20/45/90/180/325
  • Pre-98 Bubba Kush (I) – 20/45/90/180/325
  • King Kush Water Hash (I) – 13/25

Asian Dream Marijuana Strain Pictures

Frosty Bud Porn

Mysterious Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Cannabis

Strain Dreams Are Made Of

Asian Dream appears to be a Blue Dream cross. The purple streaks may indicate Indica roots, but I would label the medication as a Sativa dominant hybrid based on my personal smoking experience. Sample the Asian Dream yourself and let us know how you think it smokes. As always, please remember to bring your cannabis rec and ID with you to our Reseda dispensary. One Love!