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Skywalker Pictures | Patient Appreciation | Humboldt Relief

High Humboldt Relief Collective members! Today is FREE JOINT WEDNESDAY! When our members donate for an 1/8th of Skywalker:

Top Shelf OG Kush

Or any other top shelf medical marijuana strain, you’ll get a FREE JOINT (1/2 Ounce Limit) on us. These free jays are not filled with shake, sticks, and stems. Our pre-rolls come packed with top shelf buds of your choice. That way you don’t just get more medication, you get something extra that will actually work for you! Sorry temporary patients, these tokens of patient appreciation are for our loyal members only! Everyone must bring a medical cannabis rec and ID with them to donate for medication at our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

420 Dispensary Specials | Humboldt Relief | Free Marijuana Joints

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We hope everyone’s having a good week; if not, we’ve got just the thing to turn that frown upside down—Free Joints! That’s right, full HR members get a free top shelf joint for every 1/8th donation up to a 1/2 ounce today. And don’t worry about getting sub par medication that won’t work for you because we let you pick from an assortment of quality pre-rolls. You may be tempted to stick with a strain that you’re already familiar with, but we suggest you take the opportunity to try something you wouldn’t normally donate for.  Our friendly staff will be happy to help you select a new flavor or two. One Love!

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Friday Quarter Oz Special!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! It’s finally Friday, and that means all full members pay just $80 for top shelf 1/4 ozs, $160 for 1/2 ozs, and get $10 off middle shelf 1/4 ozs! Members may change it up with any combinations up to a 1/2 oz at these super low donation prices. Remember, this deal doesn’t apply to our temporary members. One Love!

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Puff, Puff, Pass Reseda, It’s Free Jay Wednesday!

Free Joints anyone? That’s right, Humboldt Relief knows our members need a little help getting over the hump. We think a free jay for every 1/8th donation up to a 1/2 oz today is just what the doctor ordered! Remember, these spliffs are filled with top shelf medical marijuana strains, not budget shake. But you must be a full HR member to get in on this deal! Stop by the best Reseda dispensary to share the 420 love, and don’t forget your cannabis rec or ID. One Love!

Always on the Left

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Secret Word 4/6/11

Hello, patients! Hopefully you all remember the previous Humboldt Relief secret word offer. Last time, we gave away free joints to patients who came in and said the word “money”. This time around we’ve decided to honor a true rock legend along with his powerful message of peace and compassion. Here’s how it works: come by the shop today ( 4/6/11), say the word “Imagine,” and we’ll give you $5 off your total donation price. Imagine peace and enjoy! One love!



Today’s Secret Word!

Hello patients! We promised to reward our loyal patients today, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do! Today, Tuesday March 15th, all members receive a free pre-rolled joint for saying the secret code word: MONEY!!!!!!! There’s no minimum donation required to receive this gift. As long as you are a member of Humboldt Relief, we’ll be happy to hook you up!

So when you stop by to pick up your medication, just remember: Money, it’s a hit……..


Happy Tuesday, everyone! One Love!

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