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Humboldt Relief Medical Marijuana Menu Update- Out of HR #23

Hello, patients! This is a quick note to let you know that the HR #23 strain is currently out of stock. We’re expecting another batch soon, and we’ll let you know when it arrives.

We understand the importance of our medication’s availability, so we’re trying our best to keep you informed about our menu offerings. Hope this news helps you out! One Love!

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Humboldt Relief Medical Marijuana Menu 2/18/11

Hello, patients! Here’s your full menu to kick start your Saturday!

Top Shelf Medication- 20/50/95

HR Diablo
Jane Doe (NOT ON SHELF! Must ask! 1/8th Limit)
HR 23 (NOT ON SHELF! Must ask! 1/8th Limit)
Double Sour OG
Riddler OG
King Arthur
Dr. Green Thumb 2.0
Skywalker OG
Plain Jane- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
HR OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
Zeus OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
Tahoe OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th

Mid-level Medication 15/45/85

Master Church
Euphoria OG
Fire OG
Bubba Church
Alien OG
Banana OG
MK Ultra
Blackberry Kush

Mid-mid Level Medication 15/40/75

HR Bubba

Budget Medication 10/35/65

Greenhouse Sweet Tooth Bubba
Greenhouse Kushage
Greenhouse Casey Jones
Greenhouse Sour Diesel
Greenhouse Bubba
Greenhouse OG
GDP X Bubba

Super Value Medication 10/30/55

Pine Valley
Juicy Fruit

There you have it, folks! Another amazing menu from your friends @ Humboldt Relief. Those familiar with our old site will be happy to note that prices are included in the information presented here. Prices are subject to changes at times, so please keep that in mind. Have a great weekend! One Love!

Humboldt Relief Medical Marijuana Menu Update

Hello, patients! We’ve got some awesome new additions to the top shelf menu, just in time for the weekend! Indica lovers will be happy to learn that another batch of HR #23 awaits along with that gruesome green meanie—-the Riddler OG! Sativaheads will appreciate our Sour Berry, which is a unique Sour Diesel x Blackberry Kush hybrid.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a wet one, so be safe out there! One Love!

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