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Skywalker OG | Dispensary Menu Strain Pictures | Humboldt Relief

Pre-ICO Dispensary Menu Update

New Top Shelf Strains

* Jane Doe (S/I) * Skywalker (S/i) *

Dispensary Menu Price for Members $45 per 1/8th

Donation Price for Temporary Patients $50 per 1/8th

Skywalker OG Kush Dispensary Strain Pictures

Top Shelf Hybrid

Bud Close Up

Dank Daytime Smoke

Classic OG Taste

Is Skywalker OG Kush an Indica or Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain?

The Skywalker strain is a top shelf hybrid and there’s a lot of conflicting information with respect to its genetics. You will find some sources online that label is as a pure Indica, and others who call it Sativa dominant. Every patient experiences medications differently, and OG strains will vary depending on when they are cut down. Our growers usually call the Skywalker Sativa dominant, but the effects are very similar to Jane Doe. It may be more accurate to describe our Skywalker as a balanced or 50/50 blend. Patients find this strain very useful as a mellow day time smoke.

I Use Cannabis for Insomina. What Strain Should I Get From Your Menu?

Right now, the best marijuana strains for sleep on our dispensary menu would be the top shelf Popeye OG Kush and the middle shelf Pre-98 Bubba Kush. The Pre-98 is also the best pain relief marijuana strain we have in stock at this time. The $35 per 1/8th Death Star would be another cheap bud for sleep or pain.

Are Hubbies Edibles Good for Sleep and Pain Relief?

Smoked marijuana does not work for everyone, and patients who have a hard time with smoke or simply want to medicate more discretely love hubbies chocolate medicated candy bars. These edibles are made with hubby oil, which is the hubby’s patented hash oil, the key ingredient for medical use. Finding the right dose can be tricky at first; many patients wonder, “how much of a hubby bar should I eat?” The answer depends on your tolerance. If you’ve never eaten edibles before or have a low tolerance, then you should start out small by dividing the bar into 4ths or 5ths. Eat a single square at least an hour after you eat and wait for about an hour to let it kick in. This is how long it takes for a hubby bar to hit you most of the time. If you don’t feel any different after an hour, then you can eat more. If you are used to eating edibles, then you can probably consumer half of the bar without having an unpleasant reaction.