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Popeye OG Kush: HR Salutes You!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We hope you all enjoyed our Cannabis Cup sale as well as the festivities. As we resume our normal donation price structure, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the whole High Times experience. We want to congratulate all the winners and thank everyone for making the event possible! The Popeye OG Kush will always be a winner on our Reseda medical marijuana menu:


Popeye OG Kush: Always a Winner at HR!


Popeye OG Hybrid Cannabis Strain Entry


Popeye OG HR Menu Close Up


Popeye Smokes the Competition


Although we didn’t win any awards, we definitely had a lot of fun! Thanks again to all of our wonderful patients—don’t forget to bring you rec and ID with you when you stop by to pay your respects to Popeye. One Love!

Cannabis Cup Week Marijuana Menu!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! A few of you requested an updated Reseda medical marijuana menu in light of our High Times Cannabis Cup sale; when you ask things of the HR staff, we do our best to make them happen. So here’s the official Cup Week Menu—no, that’s not a misprint. The top shelf donation price is just $40 per 1/8th for members!!!!!

Top  Shelf Medication Sale $40 per 1/8th

True OG

Plain Jane

Wicked OG


PK Purple King

Bubba OG

B Real’s SFV OG

Popeye OG



Larry OG

Banana OG

King George

Riddler OG

Popcorn $40 per 1/8th

Wicked OG

God’s Gift



Brutus x OG

Larry OG

Jane Doe

Plain Jane


Budget Medication $30 per 1/8th


Super Value Medication $20 per 1/8th


Sweet Tooth

Magic Beans

Shake Deals $20 per 1/8th

Jane Doe

PK Purple King


Jane 23

Pre Rolls (Joints) $10 per

Brutus-Skywalker-B Reals SFV OG-Jane Doe


Authentic Hubby Bars (made with genuine Hubby Oil!) $10 per bar

Super Sucker Lollipo $5

Canola Oil $30

Canna Butter $20

Ganja Glycerin

Topical Lotion $20 

There you have it folks! As always, you need to present your cannabis card and ID in order to access our Reseda marijuana dispensary. Just so you know, we entered two of those top shelf strains into the cup. Can you guess which ones??? Post an answer below and have fun! One Love!

Grapefruit Sativa Strain Pics from HR!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! In case you missed yesterday’s big announcement, HR in Reseda is having an amazing medical marijuana sale in honor of our participation in the first ever High Time Medical Cannabis Cup Los Angeles! From now until February 11th, you can get an 1/8th of top shelf favorites like this Grapefruit Sativa strain for only $40:


Grapefruit: Super Sativa from Outer space!


Glistening Grapefruit Nug Shot!


Grapefruit, the best Sativa strain at Humboldt Relief


Grapefruit macro marijuana picture.


We hope you all get a chance to enjoy these super low donation prices. Grab this Grapefruit along with other popular strains, such as Popeye OG Kush, Organic King Kush, Jane Doe OG Kush, B Real’s SFV OG Kush, and Bubba OG Kush while they last! Please remember that all patients must show a valid cannabis card and ID at every visit  in order to access our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

HR Marijuana Special for the Cannabis Cup!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members!  Surely a few of you have heard about the Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cup being held February 11th and 12th. Since HR in Reseda entered this prestigious event, we thought we’d have a special sale to mark the occasion. Starting tomorrow, February 3rd until February 11th ALL TOP SHELF 8THs WILL BE $40; ALL TOP SHELF QUARTERS WILL BE $80; ALL TOP SHELF HALF OUNCES WILL BE $160; AND ALL TOP SHELF FULL OUNCES WILL BE $320(up to 1 ounce per visit). With donation prices like these, expect the top shelf to disappear rapidly. Head to HR to get in on this amazing marijuana sale, and don’t forget your cannabis card and ID. One Love!

High Times Cannabis Cup at HR!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We’d like to formally congratulate HR patient Buddha and the Cali Connection crew for winning first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup Seed Company Hash category! Their Tahoe OG Kush wax certainly deserves this tremendous honor:


It’s not every day you earn this type of recognition. We are very proud of Buddha and the Cali Connection’s esteemed award. We look forward to working with them in the future as they continue to provide superior medical marijuana products. One Love!