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Morning Wood Menu Pictures | PreIco Dispensary | Humboldt Relief

Strongest OG Kush

Extra Large Nugs

Real California Kush

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Cannabis

Is the Morning Wood Strain an OG Kush?

The Morning Wood medical cannabis is a top shelf Sativa dominant hybrid. The genetics are Woody Harrelson x OG Kush. This strain does not have the typical Sativa shape of slender, pointy buds. The Wood nugs are thick, dense, and jumbo sized. Morning Wood is a mellow smoke, so it should be suitable for daytime or evening. We recommend this medication to patients with depression, low energy levels, and social anxiety.

What are the Top Shelf Dispensary Menu Prices?

Our pre-ICO dispensary in Los Angeles caps at $45 per eighth for our full collective members or $50 per eighth for temporary patients on the free 6 month trial membership. We also offer Hubby Bars for $10 per bar. All patients must present a valid medical cannabis recommendation and ID to donate at our shop.

How Much of a Hubby Bar Should I Eat?

Edible marijuana should be consumed in small doses. It is easy to control the amount of marijuana you’re getting when you are smoking, but it’s difficult to judge edible potency. Hubby Bars are made with Hubby oil, which is concentrated cannabis oil. That means they’re very strong, so try breaking the bar into 5 squares. Eat 1 square on an empty stomach, roughly 1 hour after eating. Wait for at least 45 minutes before ingesting more as the onset of edibles is much longer than smoked marijuana.

Woody OG Strain Spotlight

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! It’s been a minute since we posted some current medical marijuana menu pictures; your humble photographer finally managed to get a photo shoot in over the weekend. There are plenty of stunning top shelf strains to choose from, but this Woody OG really stands out:

Note: click on thumbnail to see larger image

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Woody OG is an excellent Sativa dominant hybrid strain. Fans of the Morning Wood will love the Woody. This is mellower than a pure Sativa, but still gives you an energetic effect. Woody OG may interfere with your sleep schedule, so stick to day time medicating. For nighttime meds, we have 2 top shelf Bubbas in at the moment. As always, please remember to bring your rec and ID with you to our Reseda dispensary. One Love!

P.S. We are trying out different tools for keep this site running quickly and smoothly. Please let us know whether or not you prefer the image gallery lightbox or the old method of inserting huge photos. Your feedback helps us improve the quality of your experience, so put in your 2 cents!

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