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Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: Riddler OG

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! If you’re looking for a top shelf OG, may we suggest the Riddler:



We’ve offered this medical marijuana strain before, and this batch rivals the last one in terms of quality. The first image appeared in WeedPornDaily, which says a lot about its stellar appearance. The first close up photo also garnered recognition as an outstanding example of medical marijuana. Don’t forget that during our super summer sale, the donation price on this and other top shelf favorites is only $45. One Love!

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HR Summertime Special!

All right Humboldt Relief patients, we think you’re going to really like this announcement. We decided to spread the summer love by having a super sale! Starting on Monday, June 13th, until the July 4th holiday weekend, we’re capping at $45! That’s right—-we’re lowering donation prices by $5 ACROSS THE SHELVES! Enjoy the sunshine with your favorite medical marijuana strains for less! One Love!


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Game Time!

Hello, Humboldt Relief patients! The Lakers take on the Mavs for Game 2 of this series, which means it’s time for another medical marijuana Game Day special! Stop in today wearing Laker gear, and you’ll get $5 off all 1/8th donations. Here’s hoping the Lakers don’t let us down this time around! One Love!

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Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: Morning Wood

Hello, patients! The Humboldt Relief crew thanks you all for making yesterday’s medical marijuana 4/20 celebration a huge success! Of course, we know that some of you weren’t able to join us. Thankfully, you may still take advantage of our $5 off ANY 1/8th special. I suggest donating for some top shelf Morning Wood. This particular batch is unlike any I’ve seen before:





As you can see from the second image, some of the nugs contain deep purple streaks. I’m not much of a flavor fiend, but I must admit that this strain tastes wonderful. Smoking it produces strong citrus sensations that remind me of Sprite. I find the maximum medical benefits by mixing it with a sativa strain for a balanced experience. One Love!

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Medical Marijuana Special Extended!

Hello, patients! The Big Man at Humboldt Relief wants to help those who can’t make it in for the holiday, so he decided to extend the $5 off discount through Saturday! Come in from 4/20-4/23 and get $5 off ANY 1/8th donation, including the top shelf medications! Hope to see you all tomorrow! If not, you’ll still get a piece of the insane action! One Love!

Medical Marijuana Special Extended!

Hello, patients! We realize that not all of you were able to stop in on to take advantage of the Humboldt Relief Saturday Special. The Big Man wants to make sure everyone gets a slice of the pie, so, we’re extending the offer till further notice! Come in and get $5 off ANY strain below the top shelf! This is a great deal on some fine medication, including 818 OG, Banana OG, Zeus OG, Alien OG, and Tahoe OG!!!!!!! This discount applies to all of our members and there’s no secret code. Simply stop in and choose one of the Mid-Level medications or below. Enjoy! One Love!

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Saturday Special 4/9/11

Hello, patients! We hope you all saw last night’s Humboldt Relief medical marijuana menu update! The top shelf is kicking right now, but don’t forget about the mid-level medications and such. There are plenty of solid strains available for lower donation prices, including 818 OG, Banana OG, Bubba Church, and Tahoe OG. The Big Man decided to sweeten the deal and give you guys $5 off any donation below the top shelf. See you all at HR! One Love!

Medical Marijuana Coupon Part Deux

Hello, patients! As Allen noted yesterday, I made a mistake when I posted Wednesday’s coupon. I apologize for any confusion this caused. In light of my error, the Big Man decided to make it up to you guys by extending the offer again. So here’s another coupon valid for Friday, March 25th, 2011!  Please accept my apology. Enjoy this member perk and don’t forget to thank the Big Man for me! One Love!

Humboldt Relief Coupon

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Important Announcement!

Hello, patients! We at Humboldt Relief appreciate your loyalty, and we’d like to reward those of you who regularly use this website as a resource. Remember, the private forum on here represents our Board of Directors. Also, it’s not possible for me to post menu updates on WeedTRACKER from my place of employment; however, I’m able to share information via this site as well as Twitter from work. For these reasons, we’ve decided to start running exclusive specials on this site alone. There will be clues posted on Twitter, too. The first of these will appear on this site tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Consider this your only warning! After tomorrow’s special, we won’t give you any kind of notice beforehand. You’ll just have to check in in order to see any new offers.

We hope you guys have fun with this new venture. One Love!