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OG Kush Budget Marijuana Pictures

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We understand that many of you are concerned with donation prices during these difficult economic times. Thankfully, our medical marijuana menu offers a variety of affordable strains when you can’t afford our top shelf favorites. At just $40 per 1/8th, this OG strain is an excellent value:


Mid-level Medical Marijuana


OG Kush Value Nugs


Budget Cannabis Close Up


OG Budget Marijuana Macro


For those who cannot afford to spend $40 on an 1/8th, we provide super value strains as well as top shelf marijuana shake for $25. We are always willing to work with you, so feel free to discuss your finances with our friendly staff. Our goal is to satisfy every patient, and we always want you to leave our Reseda dispensary happy. One Love!

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