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Medical Marijuana Menu 3/14/11

Hello, patients! Here’s the current menu, hot off the Humboldt Relief presses:

Top Shelf Medication- 20/50/95

King Kush (8th Limit)
Mandarin OG (8th Limit)
Riddler OG
Firewalker OG
Bubba OG
Cotton Candy Kush
King Arthur
Platinum Church
HR Diablo
Brutus (8th Llimit)
Double Sour OG
Plain Jane- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
HR OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
Zeus OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
Tahoe OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th

Mid-Level Medication- 15/45/85

818 OG
Pre 98 Bubba
Fire OG
Hollywood OG
Alien OG
Banana OG

Mid-mid Level Medication- 15/40/75

Bubba Church
MK Ultra

Budget Medication- 10/35/65

Greenhouse Caey Jones
Greenhouse Sour Diesel
Greenhouse Bubba
Greenhouse OG
GDP X Bubba

Super Value Medication- 10/30/55

Pine Valley

Notice the 4 gram 1/8th specials on 4 sweet strains! These are an excellent value for patients looking for effective, yet affordable medication. One Love!

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Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: Brutus OG

Hello, patients! The top shelf Indica conqueror hath returned to Humboldt Relief. Brutus OG is hiding out from the paparazzi   in the back, so patients interested in seeing him must request to do so. Also, there’s an 1/8th limit on this strain due to the limited quantity. Without further ado, here’s the Brute:





There you have it, folks! You know what to do……..

One Love!

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Amazing Medical Marijuana Menu Update

Hello, patients! Have we got news for you! I’ve just received word that our top shelf suddenly exploded! That’s right—- Brutus and the King Kush are in stock along with the 2010 Cannabis Cup Winner, Tangerine Dream! Please note: there’s a 1/8th per patient limit on these medications. Since these are all top shelf strains, the suggested donation price is $50 for 1/8th. Brutus OG and the King Kush are both heavy hitting Indicas whereas the Tangerine Dream is basically a pure Sativa. Some of you may remember that we previously offered the Tangerine Dream, but placed a 1 gram limit on the strain. Due to the positive feedback from you guys, it returned in a larger quantity.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head out to Humboldt Relief and get yourself medication worthy of this gorgeous day! One Love!

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