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Brutalizer Marijuana Pictures 4/5/12

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! Are you ready for the Brutalizer strain?


Get Brutalized at HR!


Knock Out Indica Dominant OG


Brutalizer Close Up


Covered in Crystals


Remember, this super stoney strain isn’t sitting on the top shelf–-you must request Brutalizer by name! He’s chilling with Uncle Z in the basement dungeon, so you need to yell “BRUTALIZE ME!!!!” to get his attention. And don’t forget to bring your marijuana card as well as your ID to get in on this action. One Love!

Brutalizer at HR in Reseda 4/3/12

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! Today’s medical marijuana menu needs a quick update because a batch of Brutalizer arrived this afternoon! He’s feeling shy, so he’s NOT sitting on the top shelf. You must ask for him by name!

Newer patients might not know this strain as it hasn’t been around for a long time. Brutalizer is an Indica dominant OG Kush variety. Think of the Brutalizer as Brutus’ twin brother. We know you’re all planning to visit HR tomorrow for some Brutalizer on free jay Wednesday, but don’t forget to bring your rec and ID along for the ride. One Love!

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Medical Marijuana Menu Update: Brutalizer

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! This is a quick post to let you Indica lovers know that we’ve got your Brutalizer right here. This is a top shelf medical marijuana strain, but it’s not on display. That means you have to ask for it by name, or just say BRUTALIZE ME! Take advantage of our super summer special and grab an 1/8th of this knock out for only $45! One love!

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Medical Marijuana Menu 4/22/11

Hello, patients! Hopefully you’ve all recovered from the Humboldt Relief 4/20 celebration! We’re still having our $5 off ANY 1/8th donation, and now’s the perfect time to stock up! Check out our current menu:
Top Shelf Medication 20/50/95

Grapefruit (HR Staff’s #3)
Riddler OG( HR Staff’s #1)
Brutilizer(HR Staff’s #5)
White OG
White Kush
Jane Doe (HR Staff’s #2)
1st Gen Diablo
Blackberry Kush
Thor OG
Fire OG
True OG
Morning Wood (HR Staff’s #4)

Mid-level Medication 15/45/85

818 OG
Purple Bubba
HR Diablo-$300 Ounce Special
818 OG
Zeus OG-$300 Ounce Special
HR OG-$300 Ounce Special
Tahoe OG-$300 Ounce Special
Banana OG

Budget Medication 15/40/75

Hollywood OG
Cotton Candy Kush
Zeus OG

Super Value Medication 10/30/55


Happy Friday, everyone! One Love!

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