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Black Rhino Marijuana | Edible Monday | Humboldt Relief

Daily Dank Dispensary Discount

Medical Edible Monday

Daily Dank Dispensary Discount

1 Free Edible With 1/8th Donation

Members Only – Limit 1 Edible Per Customer

Black Rhino Marijuana Menu Pictures

Blackberry Kush x White Rhino

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Pretty Purple Streaks

Dankest Top Shelf in the SFV

Black Rhino is a super dank cross of Blackberry Kush x White Rhino. We only received a small amount, so there’s not much of this top shelf hybrid left at the best dispensary in the San Fernando Valley. Please call (818) 300-0020 to ensure strain availability! And don’t forget to grab your medical cannabis rec and ID before you head out. One Love!

Daily Dank Deals | Dispensary Discount | Humboldt Relief

Daily Dank Dispensary Discount

Friday Members’ Special

$80 for Top Shelf Quarter Ounce

$160 per Top Shelf Half Ounce

$80 for Top Shelf Quarter Ounce

$5 Off 1 Gram of Water Hash

Members’ Only, 1/2 Ounce Limit on Flower Donations at Discounted Price.

New Years Hours and Wicked OG Pictures

High HR patients! We know you’ll be needing some medication for the holiday, so here are our New Year’s Holiday Hours:

Humboldt Relief New Year’s Hours

New Year’s Eve (December 31st, 2012) - 10am to 6pm

New Year’s Day (January 1st, 2012) - Closed

We apologize for any inconvenience; please arrange your visit accordingly!

Wicked OG Medical Marijuana Dispensary Menu Pictures

We have a feeling that 2013 is going to be an awesome year because Wicked OG is back on the shelf:

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Most patients experience the Wicked OG as a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. This means it’s a daytime marijuana strain that may interfere with your sleep. Try the #23 for an Indica dominant alternative. The Wicked is available for the regular donation price of $45 per 1/8th for members or $50 per 1/8th for temporary patients. Everyone must bring a rec and ID with them in order to donate for medication. We hope you’ll all ring in the New Year at HR—One Love!

Friday Quarter Oz Special!

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! It’s finally Friday, and that means all full members pay just $80 for top shelf 1/4 ozs, $160 for 1/2 ozs, and get $10 off middle shelf 1/4 ozs! Members may change it up with any combinations up to a 1/2 oz at these super low donation prices. Remember, this deal doesn’t apply to our temporary members. One Love!

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King Kush Strain Pictures on 1/4 Friday 6/22/12

King Kush Strain Subject to Availability. Please Call to Check Inventory Status and Place a Reservation

Humboldt Relief Collective invites all of our patients to come celebrate Friday with us. As always, full HR members may participate in our weekly special; today you pay just $80 per top shelf 1/4 oz or $160 per 1/2 oz! Also, take $10 off middle shelf 1/4 ozs. You may mix and match any combination you like for up to a 1/2oz at these donation prices. Naturally, our medical marijuana menu is loaded with beautiful buds:

Purple Streaks


Disco Ball Nugs


King Kush Trichomes


See you all at the best San Fernando Valley dispensary. One Love!

Best Marijuana Menu 6/13/12

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We got so many amazing top shelf medical marijuana strains in today, we figured we’d post a current menu. Feast your eyes on the dankest 818 dispensary menu possibly ever published:

HR Marijuana Menu

Top Shelf Marijuana Member Price $45 per 1/8th Temporary Member Price $50 per 1/8th

B-23 NEW!
Brutus NEW!(Must Ask for Classic Brute)
Queen Jane
HR #23
Skywalker NEW!
Morning Wood NEW!

Mid-level Marijuana Strains Member Price $40 per 1/8th Temporary Member Price $45 per 1/8th

Chocolope NEW!
King George
White Widow
Sour Diesel

Marijuana Popcorn $40 per 1/8th

Jane Doe
Death Star
Larry OG

Budget Marijuana $20 per 1/8th
Sweet Tooth

Marijuana Shake $20 per 1/8th

Jane Doe

Marijuana Edibles

Hubby Bars Assorted Flavors $10 per bar
Brownies, Cookies, and Cereal Bars $5 per item

There’s still time to pick up a free jay for every 1/8th donation. See you at HR. One Love!

Best 1/4oz Deals in the 818 at HR!

The best Reseda dispensary would like to remind you about our super Friday specials! Stop by today and pay just $80 per 1/4 or $160 per 1/2 oz of top shelf medical marijuana! We’ll take $10 off 1/4 oz donations for mid-level medications as well. Feel free to mix and match any combination of medication up to a 1/2 oz at these prices. As always, these discounts apply to full HR members only; temporary members pay the regular donation amount. Stay tuned because I have a feeling you’re going to see an exciting menu update soon. One Love!

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SFV OG Kush on Free Joint Wednesday 5/16/12

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! It’s not Friday yet, but FREE JOINTS for every 1/8th donation up to a 1/2 oz will make it seem like the weekend’s already here! While you’re at the best Reseda dispensary, be sure to check out the new SFV OG sitting on our top shelf:


An 818 Original


Most patients label the SFV OG Kush as a Sativa dominant hybrid. This strain along with the Wicked OG and Popeye OG are sure to brighten your day. Please remember to bring your cannabis card and ID with you to the co-op every time you visit. One Love!

SFV OG and Wicked OG Marijuana Strains 5/14/12

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We just wanted to let you know that our medical marijuana menu received two awesome additions. Please welcome SFV OG and Wicked OG back to the best Reseda dispensary! The San Fernando Valley OG Kush cut needs no introduction; most patients in the 818 revere this Sativa dominant hybrid. This particular batch of Wicked OG leans more on the Indica side than previous crops. Before you run to HR to grab these tasty treats, be sure you have your cannabis recommendation as well as your ID. One Love!