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Humboldt Relief strives to provide quality information regarding medical cannabis as well as medical marijuana politics for patient education and well being. We believe the sites below are worth visiting, though we do not necessarily endorse all of their content. Feel free to send us links for possible inclusion; we’re always open to suggestions from our valued members.

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  1. Ramkumar

    Healthiest ways to consume medical marijuana (Hash & Wax Bars)

    Hash is made by collecting the resin from the flowers of a female cannabis plant, also called trichomes. The primary active substance of this part of the cannabis plant is THC along with other cannabinoids as well.

    The resin collected from the marijuana flowers can then be compressed into small blocks (sometimes referred to as Ear Wax), which can then be eaten, smoked, or added to tea, edibles and other medical marijuana products. Hash differs than dried marijuana buds, stems and leaves in that it has a much higher concentration of THC. Due to the high potency, patients will often combine a small amount of hash with a less potent form of cannabis to create a very strong and immediate effect, offering pain relief in minutes.

    Check with your local dispensary for hashish products they carry and how to use them best for pain or symptom relief from your medical condition.

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