Bud Porn Gallery

Welcome to the Humboldt Relief Bud Porn Gallery! This page will show you some images as well as information about our most popular medical marijuana strains.

This is not a current menu; instead, it is intended to be a helpful resource for new collective members. To view recent menus, please visit the Humboldt Relief Collective Menu page.

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Brutus OG Strain Review

Brutus OG Kush needs no introduction to HR members—it’s our most popular top shelf medication. An Indica dominant hybrid strain, Brutus is known as the conqueror for his epic effects. Ultra heavy weight cannabis patients may be able to function under his influence, but mere mortals experience sedation upon first exhale. Step into the ring with Brutus OG and see who goes down first!

Jane Doe OG Kush Strain Review

Jane Doe is dear to many of our patient’s hearts. Some consider her to be an Indica dominant OG, whereas other feel she represents the ideal balance between Indica and Sativa. She always resides on our top shelf whenever she’s around. This medication is useful for treating a wide variety of physical as well as mental ailments, such as pain, anxiety, and lack of appetite. We also offer two other Jane Doe varieties— organic Queen Jane Doe and Jane Doe 23 (Jane 23).

King Kush Strain Review

King Kush is a highly potent Indica dominant Bubba strain. It’s also a top shelf classic. The King is ideal for pain relief because it produces  an intense bodily sensation. Others find it manages symptoms associated with various anxiety disorders. Many patients find it to be a useful sleep aid for sleep disorders, such as insomnia.

Dr. Greenthumb’s Red Ryder

Dr. Greenthumb’s  Red Ryder comes to us from the man himself, the one and only B Real. We are proud to offer his personal selections, and this top shelf Indica dominant OG surely lives up to the Dr.’s good name. Above image also featured in The 420 Times Best Nug Shots!

HR #23 Strain Review

A patient favorite from the very first batch, HR #23 is a hybrid OG. Most of the time, it leans towards the Indica side, but there’s a strong Sativa kick to it as well. The first picture made a special appearance on WeedPornDaily!

Mandarin Dream Strain Review

Mandarin Dream is an exotic hybrid medical marijuana strain. Filled with an array of vibrant colors and a delicious citrus flavor, B Real enjoyed this unique medication on the 4:20 show. The above nug shot seen also on WeedPornDaily.