B Real TV

Dr. Greenthumb is a proud HR patient. You can tune in to his live streaming webcasts every weekday at 4:20 pm. Join the community to participate in a real time chat sessions with other listeners and fans.Visit http://breal.tv for additional information.

B Real and the Cypress Hill crew created a unique product to enhance a smoker’s pleasure. These solid glass joint tips are the perfect medicating accessory for patients who prefer this smoking method. Made with genuine ROOR glass, the tips preserve flavor while protecting the smoker from burning lips and getting excess plant matter in the mouth. They’re available at our Reseda ,CA location for the donation price of $25 for a case of 3. Currently, Humboldt Relief is the only U.S. retailer for this item. Patients outside of our geographic area should check out Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips online!