Grow Log

Sour Diesel Week 3

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We enjoyed our last project so much, we thought we’d start another. Introducing our new Sour Diesel Grow Log! This famous Sativa marijuana strain looks quite healthy at the beginning of the flowering stage. See for yourself:

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Some day this Sour baby will sit on the top shelf of our medical marijuana menu. Since she’s a Sativa strain, her grow log will take longer than the Popeye OG. Stick around because we think this is going to be an interesting journey….

Sour Diesel Week 4

The Sour Diesel saga continues. Since this is a Sativa plant, it will likely grow much taller than the OG. The plants will also appear slender with much thinner leaves. The color is lighter green than the deep, dark OG. Week 4 is kicking off with a healthy garden, and the flowers are really starting to sprout:

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Sadly, this will be the last installment of the Sour Diesel grow log. There was a terrible accident that killed most of the grow room. We are sorry for not being able to show our patients what it’s life to take care of this well known strain.

Popeye OG Kush Grow Log Project

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! As a true marijuana collective, we want you all to be involved in the cultivation process. We decided to give our members a visual representation of a developing cannabis plant whose dried flowers will one day sit upon our top shelf. The first HR dispensary grow log stars our very own house OG Kush strain, Popeye!

Popeye OG Week 4

The images below capture baby Popeye at the beginning of week 4, which represents the start of its flowering stage:

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We hope you’ll enjoy watching little Popeye grow into a big
strong Indica dominant OG. We’ll be updating this page on a regular basis, so check back often. If any of our patients would like to share photos from their personal gardens, please contact me
(Katherine) at

Popeye OG Week 5

These Popeye Kush plants are growing away! You can definitely see significant trichome development:

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Trichomes are an interesting visual gauge, but the photos might not get across how big these babies are getting. Some of the Popeye plants are so heavy that they are no longer standing fully upright. Stay tuned as we follow Popeye’s progress from a tiny baby into a full blown top shelf favorite!

Popeye OG Week 6

At the start of Week 6, these little Popeye plants are really starting to blossom:

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So far, Popeye’s on schedule for harvest. Some of the plants
need additional support to hold up these heavy buds.
Tune in next time as Popeye continues to flower.

Popeye OG Week 7

These new photos look good enough to smoke. Baby Popeye is certifiably frosty at the beginning of Week 7:

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Over the next couple of weeks, the Popeye flowers will expand by about 1/4. We can’t wait to harvest these plants and share them with our loyal patients.

Popeye OG Week 8

Your humble photographer doesn’t have very much time this morning, but I think the images below capture Popeye’s progress for Week 8 of the flowering stage quite well:

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While Popeye looks ready in my eyes, he still needs time to get a bit stronger. Staring at these buds makes it difficult to fight the
urge to just smoke it!

Popeye OG Week 9

Popeye made it to Week 9, which means it’s harvest time! The crew spent last week cutting down the plants, now the buds are ready for trimming. Here’s one last look at this OG in bloom:

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We’ll let you know when the little guy is ready for your medicinal consumption. We hope you’ve enjoyed this grow log project. We hope to document more grows in the future, so stay tuned!

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