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See Pics of Standout Medical Marijuana Strains

Collective Temporarily Closed | Humboldt Relief

Dear Patients,

HR will be temporarily closed until further notice. Everyone is safe, and we will return to serve the community as soon as possible. We appreciate your support; we’ll do our best to keep you informed. We hope to have more information on Monday of next week (September 9th). In the meantime, we wish you all good health—please stay with us in spirit. Much love from the HR crew!



Humboldt Relief

SFV OG Kush Pre ICO Dispensary Menu Los Angeles

SFV OG Kush | Pre ICO Collective Discount | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Collective Hours Labor Day 2013

Open Saturday, August 31st from 12pm to 4pm

Closed Monday, September 2nd

Please Arrange Your Holiday Visit Accordingly!

Friday Dispensary Discount Marijuana Deal

Top Shelf 1/4 Ounce Prices $80 – Top Shelf 1/2 Ounce Prices $160 – $5 Off Middle Shelf Marijuana

Half Ounce Limit at Sale Price – Full HR Members Only!

SFV OG Kush Middle Shelf Marijuana Menu Pictures

Every Day Low Price $40 per 1/8th for Members, $45 per 1/8th for Temporary Patients

SFV OG Kush Pre ICO Dispensary Menu Los Angeles

Real SFV Kush

San Fernando Valley OG Kush Strain

Original California Kush

SFV OG Kush Reseda Cannabis Collective

Middle Shelf Dank

SFV OG Medical Marijuana Menu Los Angeles

Covered with orange hairs.

Is SFV OG Kush an Indica or a Sativa?

The famous San Fernando Valley OG Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain. Most patients feel it exhibits a stronger Sativa side, so we label it as Sativa dominant. This dense nugs are covered in thick orange hairs, and this is a very smooth smoke. You won’t find a better cheap marijuana strain in the SFV. For a more pure top shelf Sativa, donate for our ever popular Grapefruit strain.

What is the Best Marijuana Strain for Pain and Sleep on Your Collective Menu?

Right now we have 2 different batches of Pre-98 Bubba Kush, which is more or less a pure Indica. The top shelf Bubba is going to be a bit stronger, so patients in need of immediate relief should stick to the highest quality buds we carry. The middle shelf pre-98 is the same donation price as the SFV OG Kush, which means it’s still good quality for a lower price.

Morning Wood Marijuana Strain Humboldt Relief

Morning Wood Pictures | SFV Collective | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Collective SFV Menu Updates and Announcements

Restocked on Original Hubbys Chocolate Bars in All 9 Deliciously Medicated Flavors

New Top Shelf Indica Marijuana Strain – Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Free Marijuana Joint Wednesday

Full Humboldt Relief Members Get 1 Free Pre Rolled Joint with 1/8th Donation Up to a Half Ounce

Morning Wood Marijuana Strain Menu Pictures

Morning Wood Marijuana Strain Humboldt Relief

Best Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Morning Wood Marijuana Nug Dispensary Menu

Beautiful Dense Nugs

Morning Wood Reseda Cannabis Menu

Dankest OG Kush in the SFV

Morning Wood Pre ICO Dispensary Menu

Score a Free Jay with Your Medication

Is Morning Wood the Best Sativa Dominant Hybrid on Your Dispensary Menu?

The Morning Wood is an excellent Sativa dominant hybrid OG Kush strain. The Wood is mellow enough for people who are normally sensitive to Sativas. For a more pure Sativa strain, we recommend the top shelf Grapefruit. If you are looking for a more budget friendly option, the SFV OG Kush is currently on special for $40 per 1/8th for our full members or $45 per 1/8th for temporary patients. The SFV is the real San Fernando Valley OG, and it’s covered in bright orange hairs. Do not let the lower donation price fool you—this SFV is very potent.

Will Humboldt Relief be Open on Labor Day?

No, HR will be closed in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 2nd. Our volunteers need time to rest just like our patients do. Please note that we will also close early on Saturday, August 31st. This coming Saturday, our hours will be from 12pm to 4pm. Please arrange your visit accordingly.

Follow HR On Twitter!

Tonight we will be live tweeting from the Black Sabbath concert in Irvine, CA. There will be lots of other patients at the show, and we are really excited about seeing the metal gods play together. If you’re going to the concert, too, be sure to tweet our account. Don’t miss the action during the Sabbath show—-follow Humboldt Relief! One Love!

Wax T Vape Pen Review Humboldt Relief Collective

Wax T Vape Pen | Pre ICO Dispensary | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Dispensary Smoking Accessories

New Medical Marijuana Vape Pen

Wax T Vape for Flowers, Concentrates, and Tobacco

$70 Donation for Unit; Vape Pack Does Not Include Medication

Wax T Vape Pen Review

Wax T Vape Pen Review Humboldt Relief Collective

Fully Tested for Your Safety

The crew at HR sampled this device on Saturday. We fell in love at first puff, and plan to start carrying these units this week! Here’s what we thought of the device overall:

Size: The Wax T Vaporizer unit is a bit longer than the typical e cig style vape due to the globe attachment. The glass ball easily fits into the unit and there are 3 interchangeable pieces, each for a different substance i.e. flowers, water hash, or tobacco.

Battery: The battery life was hard to judge because we used a sample pen for a few hours. The unit did get hot, but we let it rest and discovered that it didn’t need to be charged again. The package comes with a solar powered charger, which will come in very handy for patients on the go.

Effects: This is where we really noticed a difference between the Wax T and other popular pocket vapes. We appreciate the fact that you can use this for flowers and not just concentrated cannabis. But the glass bowl makes it easy to see how big of a dose you are getting, and the medication comes through in a very smooth way. We all plan on getting one of these for our personal use—big thumbs up from our crew. We are looking forward to getting patient feedback on these as soon as they’re in stock for patient donations. One Love!

Platinum Bubba Best Marijuana for Pain

Platinum Bubba | Legal Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Dispensary Menu Update and Announcements

New Vape Pen Coming Soon! Review with Pictures Coming Tomorrow

Please Note: We Are Currently Out of Stock on Hubby Bars

We Will Get More of Your Favorite Real Hubbies Chocolate Bars Tomorrow

Platinum Bubba Dispensary Menu Pictures

Supplies Limited – Please Call to Ensure Strain Availability!

Platinum Bubba Best Marijuana for Pain

Natural Pain Relief

Platinum Bubba Kush Pre ICO Dispensary Reseda

Top Shelf Marijuana for Sleep

Platinum Bubba Kush Weed Pictures

Extra Shiny Nugs

Platinum Bubba Legal California Kush Dispensary

Legal Medical Cannabis

Why is Platinum Bubba the Best Marijuana for Pain and Sleep?

As you can see from the pictures above, the Platinum Bubba Kush strain is a gorgeous top shelf bud. The extra frosty nugs on this pure Indica strain have purple streaks as well as glistening trichomes. Since the Platinum is a straight Indica, patients who use marijuana for pain or insomnia gravitate towards it. Naturally, the Platinum Bubba may make you drowsy; for day time pain relief, try mixing this cannabis with a Sativa dominant hybrid, such as our Morning Wood strain.

How Much are the Top Shelf Dispensary Menu Prices?

The Platinum Bubba, Jane Kush, Lucas OG, and the rest of our top shelf marijuana strains are available for the regular donation price of $45 per 1/8th for HR members or $50 per 1/8th for temporary patients on the free 6 month trial membership. For patients interested in donating for larger quantities, our top shelf ounce prices are $325 for members or $375 for temporary patients. We do guarantee our medication, and we will exchange anything we offer, no questions asked. Please note that we are not currently offering any free first time patient gifts. We are working on new specials, and will let you know as soon as the new deals are available. One Love!

Jane Kush Reseda Marijuana Dispensary

Jane Kush | Cheap Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Pre-ICO Marijuana Dispensary Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) Friday Special

Top Shelf Menu Prices $80 per Quarter Ounce $160 per Half Ounce

$5 Off Middle Shelf Marijuana Strains

Full Members Only – 1/2 OZ Donation Limit at Sale Prices

New Jane Kush Top Shelf Menu Pictures

Jane Kush Reseda Marijuana Dispensary

Jane Kush Crystal Bud

Jane Doe Top Shelf OG Kush Menu

The Baddest OG in LA

Jane Kush Top Shelf Nug Shot

Beautiful Top Shelf OG

Jane Doe Marijuana Strain Close Up Picture

Jane Kush Nug Close Up.

Is Jane Doe Kush the Best Marijuana Strain for Sleep?

Jane Doe OG Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain. Many patients find this famous OG hits like a 50/50 hybrid mix of Indica and Sativa. Some feel the Indica side is more pronounced, so they use Jane as a sleep aid. However, Jane is not the best menu item available for patients with pain or insomnia. Right now, the Pure Kush middle shelf marijuana would be a better fit for these conditions because it’s more of a pure Indica. The Pure Kush is available for the low donation price of $40 per 1/8th for members or $45 per temporary patients. It’s an excellent value and can be blended with Jane to get that nice OG taste.

How Much is the Hubby Bars Price?

Hubbys Chocolate Bars are another good choice for patients looking for the best marijuana for pain or sleep. Edible cannabis usually works well for these purposes, and the Hubbys edibles are the strongest on the market. They are made with hash oil known as Hubby Oil, which is the only way to tell authentic Hubbies from the fake imitations. We carry Hubbies on a regular basis in assorted flavors for $10 per bar.

Lucas OG Kush SFV Dispensary Menu

Lucas Kush | Pre ICO Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Marijuana Dispensary SFV Menu Update

New Top Shelf Batches of Jane Kush and Lucas OG Kush

New Middle Shelf Strains Pure Kush and SFV OG Kush

See Our Full Cannabis Menu

Lucas OG Kush Marijuana Nug Pictures

Lucas OG Kush SFV Dispensary Menu

One Hitter Quitter Cannabis

Lucas OG California Dispensary Menu Pictures

Lucas Bud Shot

Lucas OG Kush Nug Shot Top Shelf Weed

Forceful Hybrid Marijuana

Lucas OG Top Shelf Kush Reseda

Shiny Trichomes

Is Lucas OG One of the Best Indica Dominant OG Strains?

Lucas OG Kush is a hybrid medical cannabis strain similar to Skywalker. Most of the time, Lucas OG leans toward the Sativa side. This particular batch exhibits stronger Indica characteristics. One hit of this potent bud will send you into a stupor. For this reason, we consider this batch one of the best Indica dominant strains in Los Angeles. Patients should know that OGs are all hybrids, and their effects depend on when they are cut down.

What is the Best Sativa Strain at Humboldt Collective Right Now?

Patients interested in Sativas will be more than satisfied with our top shelf Grapefruit strain. The Grapefruit Sativa is probably the most powerful of its kind with a wonderful flavor you’ll want to savor again and again. The Grapefruit works well during the daytime, and some believe this Sativa is a good marijuana strain for pain. Mix the Grapefruit with a pure Indica, such as the middle shelf Pure Kush, for pain relief without drowsiness.

Jane Kush new marijuana dispensary menu pictures

New Jane Kush Pictures | Dispensary Near Chatsworth | Humboldt Relief

Pre-ICO Dispensary Full Menu Notice

Patients, please be aware that is currently experiencing technical difficulties. As a result, our listing is inaccessible as is the full menu page on this site and our Facebook menu app page. We apologize for any inconvenience, but these problems are out of our control. If you need menu information before you visit our Reseda collective, call (818) 300-0020. The staff will be happy to tell you what’s on the shelf.

New Jane Kush Dispensary Menu Pictures

Jane Kush new marijuana dispensary menu pictures

Classic Jane

Jane Doe Kush Top Shelf OG Los Angeles

The Jane You Know and Love

Jane Doe Medical Marijuana Collective Near Chatsworth

Original California Kush

Jane Doe Top Shelf OG Kush Reseda

Best Hybrid Cannabis

How Much is the Jane Doe Dispensary Menu Price?

Jane Doe is a top shelf medical marijuana strain, which means she’s one of the finest quality buds you’ll have the pleasure of smoking. Jane and the rest of the top shelf meds are available for $45 per 1/8th for full Humboldt Relief Collective members or $50 per 1/8th for patients on the free 6 month trial membership. Our members also receive a substantial discount on ounce donations ($325). This makes us one of the best dispensaries for ounces in Los Angeles.

Is Your Cannabis Dispensary Near Chatsworth, CA?

According to local laws, there are no dispensaries allowed to operate in Chatsworth, or Porter Ranch, Northridge, and Granada Hills. Fortunately for patients in these areas, we are still close by. From Chatsworth, it will take you about 15 minutes to drive to our location on Reseda Blvd. and Kittridge St. The fastest way to get here would probably be to take the 118 freeway to the Reseda Blvd. exit. Make a right off the exit on to Reseda, and continue driving straight until you get to 6670 Reseda Blvd. #107. We are located in the Reseda Medical Plaza, which is on Reseda Blvd. between Vanowen and Kittridge. If you reach Reseda park, you’ve gone too far!

Skywalker OG Kush Pre ICO Dispensary Menu

Skywalker OG | Dispensary Menu Strain Pictures | Humboldt Relief

Pre-ICO Dispensary Menu Update

New Top Shelf Strains

* Jane Doe (S/I) * Skywalker (S/i) *

Dispensary Menu Price for Members $45 per 1/8th

Donation Price for Temporary Patients $50 per 1/8th

Skywalker OG Kush Dispensary Strain Pictures

Skywalker OG Kush Pre ICO Dispensary Menu

Top Shelf Hybrid

Skywalker Kush Marijuana Dispensary Reseda

Bud Close Up

Skywalker OG Kush Collective Reseda

Dank Daytime Smoke

Skywalker OG Top Shelf Weed Los Angeles

Classic OG Taste

Is Skywalker OG Kush an Indica or Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain?

The Skywalker strain is a top shelf hybrid and there’s a lot of conflicting information with respect to its genetics. You will find some sources online that label is as a pure Indica, and others who call it Sativa dominant. Every patient experiences medications differently, and OG strains will vary depending on when they are cut down. Our growers usually call the Skywalker Sativa dominant, but the effects are very similar to Jane Doe. It may be more accurate to describe our Skywalker as a balanced or 50/50 blend. Patients find this strain very useful as a mellow day time smoke.

I Use Cannabis for Insomina. What Strain Should I Get From Your Menu?

Right now, the best marijuana strains for sleep on our dispensary menu would be the top shelf Popeye OG Kush and the middle shelf Pre-98 Bubba Kush. The Pre-98 is also the best pain relief marijuana strain we have in stock at this time. The $35 per 1/8th Death Star would be another cheap bud for sleep or pain.

Are Hubbies Edibles Good for Sleep and Pain Relief?

Smoked marijuana does not work for everyone, and patients who have a hard time with smoke or simply want to medicate more discretely love hubbies chocolate medicated candy bars. These edibles are made with hubby oil, which is the hubby’s patented hash oil, the key ingredient for medical use. Finding the right dose can be tricky at first; many patients wonder, “how much of a hubby bar should I eat?” The answer depends on your tolerance. If you’ve never eaten edibles before or have a low tolerance, then you should start out small by dividing the bar into 4ths or 5ths. Eat a single square at least an hour after you eat and wait for about an hour to let it kick in. This is how long it takes for a hubby bar to hit you most of the time. If you don’t feel any different after an hour, then you can eat more. If you are used to eating edibles, then you can probably consumer half of the bar without having an unpleasant reaction.

Grapefruit Sativa Medical Marijuana Menu

Grapefruit Strain | SFV Pre ICO Cannabis Clinic | Humboldt Relief

Pre-ICO Dispensary San Fernando Valley Menu Update

New Top Shelf Marijuana Strains

* Grapefruit (S) * HR #23 OG Kush (I/S) *

Dispensary Menu Price $45 per 1/8th Cap for Full Members, $50 Donation Cap for Temporary Patients

Grapefruit Sativa Strain Pictures

Grapefruit Sativa Medical Marijuana Menu

Best Sativa Marijuana in LA

Grapefruit Humboldt Relief Sativa Menu

Top Shelf Motivational Marijuana

Grapefruit Best Sativa in Los Angeles

Insane Head High

Grapefruit Top Shelf California Bud

Trichome Close Up

Is Grapefruit the Best Sativa Strain for Pain?

Grapefruit is a top shelf Sativa marijuana strain, and it’s probably our most popular motivational cannabis. Grapefruit will give you energy and inspire your creativity, but it might not be the best choice for pain relief. The HR #23 or the Popeye OG Kush are both Indica dominant hybrids, which work much better for pain. If you need pain relief during the daytime, try mixing the Grapefruit with an Indica so you won’t get too tired to function. Another good choice for pain would be marijuana edibles, such as the famous hubby’s edible’s, which we have for $10 per bar.

Is Humboldt Relief the Best MMJ Pharmacy in the San Fernando Valley?

Patients in the SFV don’t have as many options as they used to because of Proposition D. This ballot measure approved by Los Angeles County voters forced all the dispensaries who did not open before the 2007 moratorium to close down. Fortunately, HR is a pre-ICO marijuana store, so we’re legally allowed to serve patients. We are well known for our consistent top shelf quality medications, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our strains. If for any reason you find that a certain strain doesn’t meet your medical needs, just bring it back for an even exchange, no questions asked. One Love!