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June Top Shelf Menu Coupon | Patients Deals | Humboldt Relief

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You knew we wouldn’t leave our loyal members dankrupt this summer. At Humboldt Relief, we appreciate those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning of our pre-ICO dispensary. To show you all some love, we’re giving you a FREE TOP SHELF EIGHTH from our medical marijuana menu when you donate for a quarter ounce of top shelf at the regular donation price.

How Much Is A Quarter Ounce Donation at Humboldt Relief Collective?

Our Reseda dispensary menu features premium quality medical cannabis for $90 per 1/4 oz for members or $95 per quarter ounce for patients on the trial membership. An eighth of top shelf at the regular menu price is $45 for members or $50 for temporary patients, so you’re saving big with this coupon!

How Do I Redeem The HR Medical Cannabis Coupon?

Bring your rec, ID, and the coupon with you to the best pre-ICO clinic in Reseda, and we’ll take care of you! One Love!

Veterans’ Dispensary Discount | Memorial Day Hours | Humboldt Relief

Humboldt Relief Collective Memorial Day Hours

Monday, May 27th, 2013

12pm to 5pm

Veterans and Seniors Over 55 Medical Marijuana Discount Coupon




Limit 1 Donation per Patient with Coupon

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Cannabis Dispensary Coupon Information

How Do I Redeem the Coupon?

If you are a member at HR already, you will need to bring the coupon along with your rec, ID, and proof of military service. Seniors 55 and over only need to show the coupon and ID as proof of eligibility.

If you are a new patient, you will need to do the above and join the collective as a full member or on the FREE 6 month trial membership.

Where Do I Find Green Acres Magazine?

Green Acres is a FREE medical marijuana magazine available at 7 Eleven stores across Southern California. There are tons of locations in the San Fernando Valley, downtown Los Angeles, the Santa Clarita Valley, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Orange County, Riverside County, Long Beach, and San Diego.

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Free Pre Roll Joints | Election Results 2013 | Humboldt Relief

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Free Joint Wednesday Reseda Dispensary Discount

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May 21st Los Angeles Election Results

We’d like to thank all of the patients who voted in yesterday’s election. We appreciate your support—we wouldn’t be here without YOU! Here are the official election returns as of this morning:

MAYOR: Eric Garcetti 53.92
Wendy Gruel 46.07

CITY ATTORNEY: Mike Feuer 62.14
Carmen Trutanich 37.85

NO 37.42

MEASURE F : NO 59.11
YES 40.88

How Will Measure D Affect Dispensaries?

The short answer is that we don’t know. Fortunately, Humboldt Relief is a pre-ICO medical marijuana collective. That means we are one of the roughly 135 dispensaries who are allowed to operate as long as we comply with the new regulations. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to continue serving our loyal members like you! We will keep the community informed as things progress. Just so we’re clear, we want to move beyond the pre/post ICO divisions that weaken this movement. We do not want our post-ICO brothers and sisters to have to close. We recognize that there are legitimate post-ICO dispensaries who deserve to stay open and we will continue to support compassionate collectives. One Love!

Vote To Save Safe Access | Los Angeles Election | Humboldt Relief

Vote To Save Safe Access in Los Angeles!

Click Here to Find Your Polling Place!

Patients, we are NOT here to tell you how to vote on the medical marijuana ordinances today, May 21st. All we ask is that you GET TO THE POLLS! Humboldt Relief is a pre-ICO collective, so we will survive regardless of which proposition passes. Whatever happens, we assure you that we’re in this for the long haul! We’ve made it through nearly 7 years of threats, raids, and closures. We ain’t going out without a fight. We are part of a movement—and we will do everything in our power to handle whatever the city throws our way. One Love!

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Free PreRoll Joint | Smoking Marijuana Quote | Humboldt Relief

San Fernando Valley Dispensary Deal

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Thank you, Mary Jane.

Terminator OG Kush | Reseda Dispensary Menu | Humboldt Relief

San Fernando Valley Dispensary Discount Marijuana Menu

Thursday Special Any Top Shelf Ounce Donation Only $300

Full Members Only – Limit 1 Oz Donation at Sale Price

Terminator OG Kush Top Shelf Menu Pictures

The Terminator Is Back

Indica Dominant OG Kush

Shiny and Bulky Nugs

Terminator Dense Nug

Those of you who celebrated 420 with us will remember this dank top shelf strain. The Terminator OG Kush is a powerful Indica dominant strain with beautiful, bulky nugs. Fans of the Brutus strain will enjoy medicating with Terminator as it produces similar effects.

We hope you will join us, Billy Idol, and Tommy Chong at the Measure D fundraiser tonight at CityWalk! Get your tickets on Facebook—One Love!

Los Angeles Pot Ordinance Voter Information | Humboldt Relief

SFV Pre-ICO Cannabis Collective Discount

Free Top Shelf Pre-Rolled Marijuana Joint with Eighth Donation

Full Humboldt Relief Members Only – Half Ounce Donation Limit on Free Joints

Los Angeles Pot Ordinances: Measure D and F Information

Is Measure D or Measure F Better For Los Angeles Dispensaries?

Patients, we hope you all plan to vote in the Los Angeles Mayoral Election on May 21st. Your vote will help determine the future of safe access in the city. This week the California State Supreme Court upheld the right of local cities to completely ban marijuana dispensaries, which means the May election matters more now than ever before. We are NOT here to tell you how to vote; all we ask is that you make an informed decision. You have a choice between Measure D and Measure F—get the facts about both propositions on

Click Here to Get the Facts on Measure D and Measure F

Plain Jane OG Kush | Reseda Marijuana Dispensary | Humboldt Relief

San Fernando Valley Medical Cannabis Sale

Saturday Daily Dank Members’ Deal

Any 2 Grams of Top Shelf for $30 Donation

Limit 1 Two Gram Special Per Patient at Sale Donation Price

Plain Jane Marijuana Menu Photos

Jane Doe’s Sister

Best Top Shelf in the SFV

Plain Jane Needs Love, Too.

Plain Jane Still Shines.

What is Plain Jane Doe?

Plain Jane is the same as our Famous Jane Doe and Queen Jane medical marijuana strains. Plain Jane comes to us from another group of growers, so she has a different name to help you notice the different recipe. She smokes the same as her sisters, although you may notice that she feels more on the heady side than the other two. Jane Doe usually medicates like a 50/50 hybrid, Queen Jane leans more on the Indica side, and Plain Jane produces more Sativa effects. You won’t be disappointed in any of these ladies, although you may find that one works better for your symptoms.

How Do I Donate at Humboldt Relief?

We’ve noticed a lot of new faces at our Reseda dispensary, and we welcome all the first time patients in our community! You should know that we are a private collective, and we offer 2 membership plans. You may either join us by paying the $25 membership fee immediately or try us out for 6 months before making the commitment. We recommend getting the fully refundable lifetime membership because you will get an automatic discount and access to our daily dank deals. Either way, we ask all of our patients to show a rec and ID at every visit. If you have any more questions about the HR membership policy, just ask! Either fill out the contact form to your left or call us. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions via phone or email. One Love!

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Humboldt Relief Collective Review | Free Joints | Humboldt Relief

San Fernando Valley Dispensary Deal

One Free Top Shelf Pre-Rolled Joint with Each Eighth Donation

Permanent HR Members’ Only – Half Ounce Limit on Free Joint Promotion

Free Joint Wednesday Reseda Dispensary Discount

Come Get Your Free Jays!

Humboldt Relief Review on 420Cali

420 Cali Banner MMJ News and Lifestyle

In case you ever wondered how your humble photographer became a volunteer at HR, you can read my story on! My review includes the back story of my friendship with Big A as well as my top 5 HR medical marijuana strains with high definition photos. Please feel free to share your HR story in the comments section of the article:

Click Here to Read the Full HR Dispensary Review

First Time Patient Deals and Member Rewards | Humboldt Relief

Reseda Medical Marijuana Dispensary Daily Deals

10% Off Total Donation Up to 1 Ounce – Members Only

Limit 1 Discount Donation Per Patient

First Time Patient Coupons

See Our New Specials in Green Acres Magazine!

1st Time Patients Only

1st Time Patients Only

1st Time Patients Only

Free Eighth for HR Members

The coupons above are for FIRST TIME PATIENTS ONLY! Loyal members, we did not forget about you. We have a new rewards program we think you will be very interested in…ask us how to get a FREE TOP SHELF 1/8th! We know you’re all super stoked on these new coupons, but don’t forget to bring your rec and ID with you to our pre-ICO medical cannabis collective. One Love!