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We’re All in This Together

Quarter Ounce Discount | Dispensary Coupons | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Marijuana Dispensary Hours

HR Will Be Open Today, July 5th, from 12pm to 6pm

Friday Members’ Quarter Ounce Discount

Top Shelf 1/4 oz of Marijuana $80 Donation Price 1/2 oz of Marijuana $160 Donation Price

Full Members Only – Half Ounce Limit at Discount Menu Price

New HR Dispensary Coupons in Green Acres Magazine

Our pre-ICO Collective is pleased to bring you 3 new coupons in the latest issue of Green Acres Magazine! Get your FREE COPY of Green Acres at Southern California 7 Eleven Stores and Whole Foods Markets. Alternatively, you can check out the digital version of the magazine on the Green Acres website. We won’t reveal the menu discounts on our coupon flyer, but let’s just say first time patients and our loyal members will save big on top shelf medications. Remember, these coupons expire on July 31st, 2013—don’t miss out! One Love!

Chill Out with the Best Pre ICO Collective in the SFV.

Happy 4th of July from Humboldt Relief Collective!

Hempy 4th of July from Humboldt Relief Collective!

Hello Patients! This is a brief reminder to let you know that our Pre ICO medical marijuana dispensary will be closed today in honor of the Fourth of July holiday! We will be open tomorrow, July 5th, 2013, from 12pm to 6pm and Saturday, July 6th, 2013, from 12pm to 4pm. We wish everyone a safe, medicated holiday!

Salute the Hemp Flag on Independence Day!

We saw this in the news today and thought we’d share this important milestone on the road to legalization in the US. Today for the first time in 80 years, a flag made entirely of hemp is flying over our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. The flag was made in Colorado, where commercial hemp production is permitted under Amendment 64. Read the full story on on

Wave that Hemp Flag High!

4th of July 2013 Marijuana Dispensary Hours | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Marijuana Dispensary 4th of July Holiday Hours 2013

7/4/13 – Closed

7/5/13 – 12 pm to 6pm

7/6/13 – 12pm to 4pm

Please Arrange Your Visit Accordingly!

Happy 4th of July from the HR Crew!

Puff Puff Pass Wednesday

Pre-ICO Dispensary Menu | Free Pre Rolls | Humboldt Relief

Pre ICO Marijuana Dispensary Deal

Puff, Puff, Pass It’s Free Joint Wednesday

1 Free Top Shelf Pre Rolled Joint with 1/8th Donation

Half Ounce Limit Full Members Only!

Puff Puff Pass Wednesday

Free Medical Marijuana Joints All Day!

Reseda Dispensary Menu with New Strains

Top Shelf Strains Just In:

* Platinum Bubba Kush * XXX Kush * Grapefruit (Sativa) * Sensi Star * Yoda OG Kush *

Cannabis Clinic Donation Prices

The strains listed above are all from our top shelf, which means they are the finest quality medical marijuana you will find in Los Angeles. HR members pay $45 for top shelf eighths, which are equal to 3.5 grams of bud. Our temporary patients pay $50 for the same amount of medication.

Where is Humboldt Relief Located?

HR is conveniently located in Reseda close to the 101 freeway and not far from the 118 freeway. If you’re looking for a dispensary in Woodland Hills, CA or a collective on Ventura Blvd., we just a few miles from your neighborhood. Take the Reseda exit off the Ventura freeway and head towards Reseda park. We are inside a medical building on Reseda Blvd. between Kittridge St. and Vanowen. If you have any trouble finding us, please call us at (818) 300-0020 and we will give you driving directions. One Love!

Pre ICO Dispensaries List 2013 | MMJ Patient Information

Los Angeles medical marijuana patients may be confused about their local dispensaries’ legal status with the passage of Measure D. The new dispensary ordinance states that all cannabis collectives must close unless they belong to the list of pre-ico shops compiled by the City Council. Before we get to the list, we want to make sure everyone understands what’s going on. Below are FAQs about MMJ in LA:

What is a Pre-ICO dispensary?

In Los Angeles, dispensaries are divided into 2 groups: pre and post ICO. The acronym “ICO” stands for Interim Control Ordinance, so pre ICOs existed before the ordinance whereas post ICOs opened afterwards. In 2007, the Los Angeles City Council decided that there were too many medical cannabis clubs operating in LA.and attempted to limit the number of shops while they drafted regulations through City Ordinance 179027. At that time, there were approximately 186 dispensaries throughout LA. These shops, including Humboldt Relief (serving LA patients since 2006), registered with the city in order to stay open in the meantime.

While the law clearly stated that only dispensaries on the pre-ICO list were permitted, a few skilled attorneys found some legal loopholes for shops to exploit. For example, the law stated that cannabis providers could file for “hardship exemption” applications in the hopes that the city would allow them to operate despite their opening up after the 2007 cut off date. By the time the Council got around to addressing the applications, about 500 awaited their response. In June of 2009, the City unilaterally denied dozens of hardship applications; many were rejected without allowing any discussion or comments from the post-ICO dispensary owners. Rather than continue to answer the applications, city officials voted to stop accepting them, which effectively sealed the fate of collectives who opened after the moratorium. Many post-ICO dispensaries ignored the city and continued to operate and hundreds more have opened since 2009.

How Many Pre-ICO and Post-ICO Dispensaries are in Los Angeles?

That’s hard to say because no one really knows the extra number of cannabis collectives in Los Angeles. Even some of the pre-ICO shops have closed since the first list was released in 2007. Officials estimate that about 135 of the original pre-ICOs are still in business and at least 800 to 1,000 post-ICOs are scattered throughout the city.

What Will Happen to the Pre-ICOs and Post-ICOs Because of Measure D?

No one can say for certain what’s going to happen to all of the dispensaries in Los Angeles. So far, the city sent out warning letters to post-ICO collectives notifying them that they must close or risk prosecution. The city is supposed to send letters to the pre-ICO collectives letting them know what they must do to comply with the new regulations.

Which Clubs Will Be Open After Measure D Goes Into Effect?

In theory, all of the post-ICO dispensaries will close down. The remaining pre-ICO collectives will only be allowed to stay open if they’re able to comply with a series of time, place, and manner restrictions in Measure D. For instance, the law limits dispensary operating hours to 10am to 8pm, which is one of the reasons why have our schedule set up this way. We’ve made every effort to comply with the city’s standards, and we will do everything in our power to continue serving our patients and the MMJ community.

That said, here is the full list of the original pre-ICO collectives; as stated above, even some of these shops are now closed. We do not know which collectives are still open besides our own, so please do not make any assumptions about other collectives’ status. You will need to contact these dispensaries directly to find out if they are open and how they plan to deal with Measure D.

Pre-ICO Dispensary List from 2007

1) 420 For The People Cooperative Inc.
15300 Devonshire St. Ste. 11, Mission Hills, CA 91345

2) 420 Grand
2802 1/2 Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007

3)Absolute Herbal Pain Solutions
901 S. LaBrea Ave. Ste. 3, Los Angeles, CA 90036

4) Adams Green Herbal Caregiver
2603 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007

5) Advanced Patients Collective
1580 Gower St., Los Angeles, CA 90028

6) After Care
18749 Napa St. Unit 169, Northridge, CA 91326

7) Allgreens
8256 Louise Ave., Northridge, CA 91325

8) Alternative Medicinal Caregivers
1800 S. Robertson Bl. Ste 263, Los Angeles, CA 90035

9) Alternative Medicine Group
10964 Ventura Bl., Studio City, CA 91604

10) Arts District Healing Center
620 East 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

11)Ashmoon Caregivers
22053 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303

12) Balboa Care Givers Inc.
16900 Sherman Way #6, Van Nuys, CA 91406

13) Beach Enlightment and Compassionate Healing Center
310 Culver Bl., Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

14) Boo-Ku Collective Care
6817 Sepulveda Bl., Van Nuys, CA 91405

15) Buds and Roses Collective
13235 Ventura Bl., Studio City, CA 91604

16- Cahuenga Caregivers, Inc.
5656 Cahuenga Bl., North Hollywood, CA 91605

17) California Caregivers Alliance
2815 W. Sunset Bl. #201, Los Angeles, CA 90026

18) California Alternative Care Givers
122 S. Lincoln Bl. #204, Venice, CA 90291

19) California Choice
6722 White Oak Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406

20) California Compassionate Care Network
4664 Lankershim Bl., Toluca lake, CA 91602

21) California Finest Compassionate Cooperative, Inc.
8552 Venice Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90034

22) California Herbal Remedies
5470 Valley Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90032

23) California Organic Treatment Center, Inc.
6757 1/2 Santa Monica Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90038

24) California Patients Alliance
8271 Melrose Ave. #102, Los Angeles, CA 90046

25) Canna Health
5208 W. Pico Bl. #517, Los Angeles, CA 90019

26) Canto Diem Collective Inc.
5419 Sunset Bl. #5, Hollywood, CA 90027

27) Care California Consultation Inc.
2202 S. Figueroa St. #342, Los Angeles, CA 90007

28) Caregivers Earth Ordinance
17050 Chatsworth St. #243, Granada Hills, CA 91344

29) Chinatown Patient Collective
987 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

30) Chronicpractor Caregiver
5751 W. Adams Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90016

31) Collective Caregivers Pharmacy and/or 2 AM Pharmacy
8239 Canoga Bl., Canoga Park, CA 91304

32) Collective Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
7026 Van Nuys Bl., Van Nuys, CA 91405

33) Compassion Union Inc.
1260 Soto St. Unit 1, Los Angeles, CA 90023

34) Compassionate Care of Studio City
11314 Ventura Bl., Studio City, CA 91604

35) Compassionate Patient Resources, Inc.
19237 1/2 Ventura Bl., Tarzana, CA 91356

36) Cornerstone Collective
4623 Eagle Rock Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90041

37) Coultrock Enterprises (LAX Compassionate Caregivers)
6218 A Manchester Bl., Westchester, CA 90045

38) Crenshaw Holistic Caregivers
4709 Crenshaw Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90043

39) Cruz Verde Inc. / dba: Green Cross
1658 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90501

40) Cyon Corporation of Northridge Cannamed
9349 Melvin Ave., #9, Northridge, CA 91324

41) D.E.C. Medical
8717 Woodman St. #D, Arleta, CA 91331

42) DTPG
1753 Hill St. Unit 8, Los Angeles, CA 90015

43) Delta-9 T.H.C.
1321 W. Carson St. #5, Torrance, CA 90501

44) Discount Caregivers
21315 Saticoy St. Unit R, Canoga Park, CA 91304

45) Divine Wellness Center, Inc.
5056 Lankershim Bl., North Hollywood, CA 91601

46) Downtown Collective
1600 S. Hill St. Ste. D, Los Angeles, CA 90015

47) Eagle Rock Herbal Collective
4729 Eagle Rock Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90041

48) Eight One Eight
7232 Sepulveda Bl., Van Nuys, CA 91405

49) Euphoric Caregivers
1155 N. Vermont Ave #202, Los Angeles, CA 90029

50) Golden State Collective
10369 Balboa Bl., Granada Hills, CA 91344

51) Gourmet Green Room
2000 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025

52) Granada Hills Discount Farmacy
10705 Balboa Ave., Granada Hills, CA 91344

53) Grateful Medications Compassion
744 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038

54) Green Dragon Caregivers, Inc.
7423 Van Nuys Bl., Van Nuys, CA 91405

55) Green Earth Pharmacy
6811 Woodman Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91405

56) Green Plant Therapy Inc.
2900 Riverside Dr. Ste 4, Los Angeles, CA 90039

57) Greenhouse Herbal Center, LLC
5224 Hollywood Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90027

58) Greenhouseherbs LLC / dba: The Greenhouse
5156 Sepulveda Bl., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

59) Greenlight Discount Pharmacy
15507 Cobalt St. #4, Sylmar, CA 91342

60) Harbor Caregivers
537 N. Avalon Bl., Wilmington, CA 90744

61) Hazelwood Patients Collective
4619 1/2 York Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90041

62) HC Remedies
19327 Ventura Bl. Ste. A, Tarzana, CA 91356

63) Healthy Herbal Care Plus (HHC+)
313 N. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004

64) Healthy Herbal Care, LLC
8942 Woodman Ave. Unit B2, Arleta, CA 91331

65) Heaven on Earth Healing
4517 W. Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90027

66) Herbal Healing Center
5507 Laurel Canyon Bl. Ste. B, Valley Village, CA 91607

67) Herbal Pain Relief Center (H.P.R.C.)
21521 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303

68) Herbal Relief Caregivers, Inc.
6850 Van Nuys Bl. Ste. 204, Van Nuys, CA 91405

69) Herbal Solutions
22122 Sherman Way #206, Canoga Park, CA 91303

70) Herbalcure
11318 W. Pico Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90064

71) Herbalology
1811 Ocean Front Walk, Unit D, Venice, CA 90291

72) Hezekiah Incorporated
6051 Hollywood Bl. #202, Los Angeles, CA 90028

73) Highland Park Patient Collective
5716 N. Figueroa St., Highland Park, CA 90042

74) Holistic Alternative, Inc.
21001-13 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303

75) Holistic Care of Studio City
12406 Ventura Bl. Ste. B, Studio City, CA 91604

76) Holistic Healing Alternatives, Inc.
1400 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA 90015

77) Hollywood Holistic
1543 Sawtelle Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90025

78) Hollywood Holistic II
1607 N. El Centro Ave. #24, Los Angeles, CA 90028

79) Hollywood Home Remedies
1607 N. El Centro Ave. #24, Los Angeles, CA 90028

80) Humboldt Relief LLC
6670 Reseda Bl. #107, Reseda, CA 91335

81) Hyperion Healing Inc.
1913 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027

82) Infinity Medical Alliance Inc.
1147 S. Robertson Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90035

83) Ironworks Collective
4100 Lincoln Bl., Venice, CA 90292

84) Jackson Enterprises / dba: City Compassionate Caregivers
606 East 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013

85) K.U.S.H. Alley
10622 Burbank Bl., North Hollywood, CA 91601

86) K.U.S.H. Collective
1111 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90019

87) K.U.S.H. Valley Collective
11626 Ventura Bl., Studio City, CA 91604

88) KB Center for Compassionate Care, Inc.
9960 Canoga Ave. D-7, Chatsworth, CA 91311

89) Kind 4 Less
16156 San Fernando Mission Bl. Ste 8, Granada Hills, CA 91344

90) Korea Town Collective LLC
3567 West 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90020

91) Kushism, Inc.
7555 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406

92) La Brea Compassionate Caregivers
735 N. La Brea, Los Angeles, CA 90038

93) LA Organic Pharmacy
4901 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029

94) LA Wonderland Caregivers
4406 W. Pico Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90019

95) LaBrea Collective
812 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

96) Living Earth Wellness Center, Inc.
4207 Pico Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90019

97) Los Angeles Valley Caregivers, Inc.
6657 Reseda Bl., Reseda, CA 91335

98) Los Angeles Wellness Center LLC
312 W. Olympic Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90012

99) Marina Caregivers Cooperative Inc.
3007 Washington Bl. #225, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

100) Mary Jane’s Collective
7805 Sunset Bl. #211, Los Angeles, CA 90046

101) Mc Flower Corporation / Delta 9 Caregivers
7648 Van Nuys Bl., Van Nuys, CA 91405

102) Med X Now
441 1/2 East 16th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015

103) Medi Mar Incorporated
8924 Reseda Bl., Northridge, CA 91324

104) Medical Caregivers Association
4344 Eagle Rock Bl. #E, Los Angeles, CA 90041

105) Medical Marijuana Relief Center
14303 Ventura Bl., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

106) Melrose Herbal Collective
7257 Melrose Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90046

107) Mother Nature Remedy
17302 Saticoy St., Van Nuys, CA 91406

108) Natural Aid Pharmacy
5759 Lankershim Bl., Los Angeles, CA 91601

109) Natural Herbal Pain Relief, Inc.
11557 Ventura Bl., Studio City, CA 91604

110) Natural Remedies
6231 Santa Monica Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90038

111) Nature’s Cure, Inc.
4577 Valley Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90032

112) Nature’s Natural Collective Care
6951 Reseda St., Reseda, CA 91335

113) New Age Compassion Care Center, LLC
19973 Ventura Bl., Woodland Hills, CA 91364

114) New Apothecary Inc.
330 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004

115) Nile Collective Corporation
1501 Pacific Ave., Venice, CA 90291

116) North Hollywood Compassionate Caregivers
4854 Lankershim Bl., North Hollywood, CA 91601

117) Northridge Caregivers Inc.
8672 Lindley Ave., Northridge, CA 91325

118) Organic Century Farmacy
404 West 7th St. #1405, Los Angeles, CA 90014

119) Organic Green Treatment Center
2626 S. Figueroa St. Ste. A, Los Angeles, CA 90007

120) Organica
13456 Washington Bl., Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

121) Patients Against Pain, Inc.
6240 Laurel Canyon Bl. #B, North Hollywood, CA 91606

122) Patients and Caregivers Los Angeles, Inc.
5763 W. Pico Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90019

123) Patients Corp. / dba: Foothill Wellness Center
7132 Foothill Bl., Tununga, CA 91042

124) Perennial Holistic Wellness Center
14542 Ventura Bl. #201, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

125) Platinum Club
21220 Devonshire #203, Chatsworth, CA 91311

126) Progressive Horizon / dba: West Coast Collective
3133 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90065

127) PureLife Alternative Wellness Center
1649 S. La Cienega Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90035

128) Purple Heart Compassion
5823 W. Pico Bl. Unit B, Los Angeles, CA 90019

129) RDC Collective Corp.
6102 Reseda Bl., Tarzana, CA 91335

130) Red Moon Inc.
14350 Oxnard St., Van Nuys, CA 91401

131) Relief Corp. / dba: Canna Care Relief
1716 S. Sepulveda #105, Los Angeles, CA 90025

132) Resource Referral Services
5113 W. Pico Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90019

133) Robertson Caregivers
2515 S. Robertson Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90034

134) Safe Harbor Patient’s Collective
5953 Hazeltine Ave. Ste. B, Van Nuys, CA 91401

135) San Fernando Valley Discount Medical Supply, Inc.
6732 White Oak Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406

136) San Fernando Valley Patients Group
8805 Reseda Bl., Northridge, CA 91324

137) Serob Papazyan / dba: Red Moon
5029 York Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90042

138) Sherman Oaks Collective Care
14200 Ventura Bl. #101, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

139) Sherman Oaks Holistic Oasis
13650 Burbank Bl., Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

140) Shiva’s Gardens Caregivers
2002 S. Robertson Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90034

141) Silverlake Caregivers
2323 Beverly Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90057

142) So Cal Coop Inc.
19459 Ventura Bl., Tarzana, CA 91356

143) So Cal Therapeutic Herbal Caregivers
22209 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303

144) Southern California Collective Inc.
1121 Colorado Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90041

145) Southwest Caregivers, Inc.
4961 Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90027

146) St. Andrew’s Green
1070 N. St. Andrew’s Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038

147) Strain Balboa Caregivers, Inc.
7207 Balboa Bl., Van Nuys, CA 91406

148) Studio City Caregivers
3625 Cahuenga Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90068

149) Sun Valley Caregivers
11000 Randall St. #E, Sun Valley, CA 91352

150) Sunrise Caregiver Foundation
1151 W. Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste 4A, Harbor City, CA 90710

151) Sunset Herbal Corner
7225 Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90046

152) Superior Herbal Health
1011 W. 8th Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90044

153) Supplemental Organic Solutions
328 Lincoln Bl., Venice, CA 90291

154) Sylmar Care Givers, Inc.
13741 Foothill Bl. #220, Sylmar, CA 91342

155) The Fountain of Wellbeing
3835 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029

156) The Green Goddess Collective
5711 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042

157) The Healing Touch
4430 Santa Monica Bl. #105, Los Angeles, CA 90029

158) The Higher Path Holistic Care
2227 W. Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90026

159) The Little Cottage Caregivers, LLC
8133 Foothill Bl., Sunland, CA 91404

160) The Natural Way of L.A.
5817 Pico Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90019

161) The Recovery Group, Inc. / dba: Green Aid
3441 Cahuenga Bl. W #105, Los Angeles, CA 90068

162) The Relief Co.
5669 W. Pico Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90019

163) The Van Nuys Group, LLC / dba: The Green Easy
6741 Van Nuys Bl. Ste B, Van Nuys, CA 91405

164) The Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary
12021 1/2 Ventura Bl., Studio City, CA 91604

165) Today’s Health Care Inc.
18118 Parthenia St., Northridge, CA 91325

166) Toluca Lake Collective (TLC)
5513 Cahuenga Blvd

167) Trinity Medical Alliance / California Caregivers Association
12107 Santa Monica Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90025

168) United Herbal Center Inc.
2703 West 8th St. Ste. B, Los Angeles, CA 90005

169) United Medical Alliance Inc. / dba: Bluegate
3428 Whittier Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90023

170) Universal Herbal Center
3177 W. Cahuenga Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90068

171) V Farm 1509 / dba: The Farmacy
1509 Abbot Kinney Bl., Venice, CA 90291

172) Valley Health Center (V.H.C.)
19019 Parthenia St. Ste. 110, Northridge, CA 91324

173) Valley Herbal Center, Inc.
11675 Vanowen St., North Hollywood, CA 91605

174) Valley Patients
8953 Woodman Ave. Ste. 201, Arleta, CA 91331

175) Van Nuys Center for Holistic Care
6309 Van Nuys Bl. #110, Van Nuys, CA 91401

176) Venice Beach Care Center
410 Lincoln Bl., Venice, CA 90291

177) Venice Caregiver Foundation
10887 Venice Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90034

178) Vermont Herbal Center, Inc.
955 S. Vermont Ave. #T, Los Angeles, CA 90006

179) W Farm 1045 / dba: The Farmacy
1035 Gayley Ave., Westwood, CA 90024

180) Wellness Caregivers
18663 Ventura Bl. Ste 230, Tarzana, CA 91356

181) Wellness Caregivers
10628 Ventura Bl., Studio City, CA 91604

182) West Valley Patients Group
23043 Ventura Bl., Woodland Hills, CA 91324

183) Western Caregivers
467 N. Western, Los Angeles, CA 90004

184) Westside Caregivers Club Inc.
22148 Ventura Bl. #A, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

185) Woodland Hills Treatment Center
5338 Alhama Dr., Woodland Hills, CA 91364

186) Zen Medical Garden
18957 Ventura Bl., Tarzana, CA 91356

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New Dispensary Business Cards | Menu Update | Humboldt Relief

Pre-ICO Medical Cannabis Menu Update

New Top Shelf Marijuana Strains

* Skywalker OG Kush * Jack Herer (Sativa) * JD Og Kush * Business Card Review

We’ve been getting a lot of new patients at our Reseda collective, and we apologize for any problems with our previous business cards. We made the mistake of ordering them from VistaPrint, and we were very disappointed in the poor quality, especially the washed out colors. But we listened to your gripes, and we’re pleased to present our new business card design from in Canoga Park:

Full Color Business Cards Done Right.

High Quality and Better Contrast

The problem with our other cards wasn’t just the horrible color quality; when it comes to business card designs, it’s important to use strong contrasting colors as well as larger fonts that are easy to read. This time, I designed the card in green and white because those go well together without blending. I used two fonts with big letters to make our contact information really pop out. We used the same 14 pt. cardstock as before, which means the paper selection wasn’t causing the problems.

Patient Community Feedback

We want to know what you guys think of the business cards before we place another order. We plan to keep using, but we want to make sure you guys like the design. I had a lot of fun working on this printing project, and I’m always looking for ways to improve your patient experience. The design possibilities here are endless. So please leave your feedback in the comments below! One Love!

Pre ICO Marijuana Dispensary Top Shelf Discount | Humboldt Relief

Marijuana Dispensary Members Discount

Friday Quarter Ounce of Marijuana Special

$80 per top shelf 1/4 Oz Donation $160 per top shelf 1/2 Oz Donation

Half Ounce Limit at Sale Price

Woody OG Honey Bud Tribute Picture

Woody OG swimming in a sea of honey.

How Do I Donate for Woody OG Kush?

We’ve got amazing batches of Woody OG, Larry OG, Platinum Bubba Kush, and several other top shelf standout marijuana strains. The regular dispensary menu price is $45 per 1/8th for members or $50 per 1/8th for non-members. With today’s special, members pay less for a quarter or half ounce, but temporary patients pay full price.

HR Membership Policy

We welcome all the new patients we’ve been getting at our Reseda pre-ICO Collective! We noticed some confusion about our policies for WeedMaps patients; unfortunately, WeedMaps removed the description area where we used to have membership information in our listing. We added the following picture in our Photos section to help clarify our membership rules. As the image says, the menu prices you see on WeedMaps are for our full members only. Temporary patients pay higher donation prices and we will be happy to explain the menu breakdown to you at the collective. One Love!

How Our Membership Policy Works

Platinum Bubba Kush Pictures | Pre ICO Dispensary | Humboldt Relief

Marijuana Dispensary Patient Members Appreciation Special

Free Joint Wednesday

Members Get 1 Free Top Shelf Pre Rolled Joint with 1/8th Donation

Half Ounce Limit – Full Members Only

Platinum Bubba Kush Top Shelf Indica Marijuana Pictures

Extra Frosty Indica

Shiny, Dense Nugs

Potent Medical Cannabis

Purple Streaks in This Beautiful Bud

How Do I Get Platinum Bubba Kush?

You must join our Pre-ICO medical marijuana dispensary in order to donate for any medication. You have the choice of joining us on a free 6 month trial or you can pay the one time only lifetime membership fee for $25. If you decide to pay the membership fee, you will be able to get an automatic discount on our regular menu prices, and today you will get a free pre rolled joint as stated above.

How much is an Eighth from the Humboldt Relief Top Shelf Menu?

Our donation prices depend on your membership status. If you are a full member, you pay $45 per 1/8th for the best top shelf in the San Fernando Valley. Temporary patients pay $5 more, which is $50 per 1/8th. If you want to learn more about the HR membership benefits, please ask our staff in person or fill out the contact form to your right. No matter what your membership status, you must show a valid medical cannabis recommendation and ID to donate at our pre-ICO collective. One Love!

Popeye OG Review | Dispensary Discount Menu | Humboldt Relief

Marijuana Dispensary Friday Discount

1/4 Oz of Marijuana Donation Price $80

1/2 Oz of Marijuana Donation Price $160

$5 Off Water Hash Donation Price

Half Ounce Limit – Full Members Only!

Popeye OG Kush Strain Review

Well Blow Me Down!

We are pleased to share this patient testimonial of our Popeye OG Kush strain from our WeedMaps page. We love reading your comments, and we take your feedback into consideration. Please feel free to share your experience with other patients on the web. As many post-ICO collectives are forced to close, it’s more important than ever for legitimate patients to spread the word about good pre-ICO dispensaries like ours.

How much is a 1/4 ounce of medical marijuana?

A quarter oz of marijuana is equal to 7 grams of bud.

How much is a 1/2 ounce of medical marijuana?

A half oz of medical marijuana is equal to 14 grams.

How Do I Donate for Medical Cannabis?

All California 215 patients are welcome at our Reseda dispensary. You must bring your current recommendation and proper ID to donate from our marijuana menu. If you have any questions about joining our pre-ICO collective, please call us our fill out the contact form to your right. One Love!

First Time Patient Deal | Marijuana Dispensary | Humboldt Relief

Midweek Member Appreciation Special

Free Pre-Rolled Joint with 1/8th Donation

Half Ounce Limit!

First Time Patient Dispensary Deal June 2013

Must Present Coupon to Redeem Offer!

Expires 6/30/13 – Offer Good While Supplies Last!

Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Specials or Promotions!

Welcome To The Garden!

We want to welcome all new patients with this special coupon offer inside Green Acres Magazine. We encourage you to try out multiple medications from our top shelf menu to see which marijuana strains are right for you. We find this is the best way for new members to make long term decisions about their medical treatment.

How Much Is An Ounce Donation at Humboldt Relief Collective?

The price of donations depends on your membership status. Our full members pay $325 per ounce every day, so be sure to join the collective to get the lower donation price.

How Do I Redeem The First Time Patient Special Coupon?

Bring your medical cannabis rec, ID, and the coupon with you to the best pre-ICO dispensary in the San Fernando Valley. We’ll take it from there. One Love!