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Humboldt Relief Collective is a non-profit, pre-ICO,members only Medical Marijuana dispensary in compliance with Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420, and all applicable municipal codes. Humboldt Relief is located in Reseda (western San Fernando Valley) and services Medical Cannabis patients throughout the state of California. We are currently accepting new members; please review the Humboldt Relief Collective Membership Guidelines. Note that there is a one time only lifetime membership fee of $25 to join our collective. By paying the membership fee, patients receive access to our facilities and gain a share in the non-profit corporation. Thus, our patients are shared stakeholders and are entitled to sit on our online board of directors. New patients have the option of joining HR as a temporary member without paying the fee for a 6 month trial period. For unpaid members, the collective donation price caps at $50 per 1/8th; for full members, the donation price caps at $45 per 1/8th. Additionally, patients on disability and/or fixed income as well as long distance patients and veterans  receive an automatic discount; other special offers/discounts appear on this site. We welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. from patients and non-members alike. For more information send us an email ( or follow our clouds of smoke on FacebookTwitter,and Flickr.

Physical Address:

6670 Reseda Blvd. Suite 107

Reseda, Ca 91335

Phone Number: 818-300-0020

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 10am to 8pm; Saturday 12pm to 6pm; Closed Sunday

Credit Cards Accepted

For directions to Humboldt Relief (HR), please visit this interactive map of Reseda, CA.

  1. josh928

    just curious on how u guys come out with the best og around anywhere! what kinda nutes? hydro, soil? thank u for are ur help and awesome meds!

  2. Hello,

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  3. Jeri Miller, Member # 1070

    Wow, having just read this mornings Ventura County Star, I am devastaded to hear that all dispensaries must shut down within 45 days.
    What next?
    I’d like to be considered interested if there are future ideas or ?

    • High Pat! Thanks for checking out our site! As far as the Omicron goes, it’s best to contact the manufacturer: You may also purchase the item through the THC Scientific online store: Hope this info helps you out!

    • Katherine

      Hi DJ! Thanks for checking out our website! We don’t offer any detox products at this time. Try your local head shop. Good luck!

  4. Bill "PINKY" Stolbach

    Hey, how do I get a number to enter contest, just want to say you really have nice people working for you, they treat you with honesty.

    Here is a suggestion, with every purchase, give away a free cadillac, you will do a lot more business, and you will go broke, but you will have happy customers.

    Anyway just wanted to say keep up the good work, and thanks for all your help, it really helped after knee surgery.


  5. allen nelson

    I am confused about the coupon deal you had this week. The post on this site said the coupon was good 3/22 but the actual coupon said good 3/23???

    • Katherine

      The print on the coupon was correct. That’s what I get for creating content at 11pm after working all day. Sorry for the mix up! These things happen, especially when I’m exhausted and medicated.

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