Collective Status Update September 9th 2013 | Humboldt Relief

Dear Patients,

We met with our legal team today, and we are facing a tough battle. There is still hope for the collective, but not at our current location. As of today, this website and our social media will be the only line of communication with our staff. I will post another update here as soon as I can. Know that our legal team is working on the matter, and that we love you guys. Thank you for your continued support.



Humboldt Relief

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  1. LT89

    I purchased an omicron pen two weeks ago (Sat, Aug 31) and when I realized that the set was incomplete a few hours after purchase I called back to inquire about getting it replaced. The shop was closing earlier than normal for the holiday and I could not make it back in time. The guy I spoke with (and sold me the unit earlier) assured me that I could come in the following week to get a complete new unit. However you have been “temporarily closed” since the following Monday.
    More details: the unit appears to have been used (the tiny funnel/fill tool and cartridge had traces of wax), both batteries are dead, and the set did not come with the battery charger.

    Is there anything that can be done to resolve the issue?

  2. Greg

    What do you mean, “there is still hope”???? There’s a chance you may not reopen?
    Can you share more? Is it zoning? Was it the F’ing Feds who initiated this nonsence working with local law enforcement?
    I’m really getting fed up with the bullshit from our government.
    We need to rally in numbers so large…across this nation …that they can no longer ignore us. Mutiny on our corrupt political system and terroristic government.
    The People spoke, our voices were heard. Prop 215. And yet we still policed like our collective voice went unheard.
    It’s ok for our government to go into other countries and murder thousands upon thousands…and we can’t medicate with medical marijuana. What the fuck is wrong with this country???
    Mutiny on the White House. Mutiny on Capitol Hill and Congress. Mutant on local officials.
    I’m fucking pissed and I’m pissed nobody does a god damn thing except sit back and watch it all go down.
    I’ve written my local officials. I’ve written Mr Obama telling him until he’s lost my support and vote.
    I’m sick of all the bullshit.
    Since nobody wants to do a damn thing, my only option is to start a grow and be self sufficient. Produce my own meds.

    • Greg, I feel your frustration, believe me. We must relocate in order to reopen, so yes, if we are not able to find a place that meets the requirements under Measure D, we will have no choice but to close. Our staff and lawyers are doing everything in our power to prevent that.

      • Juangoodman

        Hey K! I just read the news of your closure and attempt to relocate. I am not aware of the specific guidelines of Prop D but there are several dispensaries in the North Hollywood area that have closed. One specifically that I am thinking of was called NoHo’s Finest. It’s located at 5759 Lankershim Blvd. The shop looks great from the outside and you would not have to do much in remodeling as it was a former shop. You could probably start operations rather quickly. I believe they voluntarily closed because they were not Pre ICO. I do not know if it conforms to Prop D guidelines but just thought I’d give it a shout out.

        I can’t wait to see you guys whenever or wherever you are open again.

        • Juan thank you so much for posting this. We will definitely look into that location and area. You’ve been so supportive through this whole ordeal—we love you!!!! *hugs* from the whole crew.

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