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Pre-ICO Dispensary Quarter Ounce Deal

Cheapest Quality Top Shelf Bud in Los Angeles

Humboldt Relief Full Members Pay $80 per 1/4 Ounce Price or $160 per 1/2 Ounce

$5 Off Middle Shelf Donations

Temporary Patients Pay Regular Donation Price

Marijuana Strain Photo Sharing Policy

All marijuana menu pictures on this website are the sole property of Humboldt Relief Collective. We take great pride in bringing you high definition photos of our actual buds, and we work hard to design other fun images at times. We are flattered when other websites want to use our strain pictures, but we ask that you obtain our permission first. At the very least, you must give us credit on your website in the form of a link. Otherwise, we will hold you accountable to stealing our intellectual property. We don’t want to pursue legal avenues over cannabis photography. We are all fighting for legalization, and we are very willing to work with other webmasters. If you have questions about our policy or want to discuss using our content, please use the contact form to your right. One Love!

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