Free Cannabis Joint | Funny Willie Nelson Weed Quote | Humboldt Relief

Los Angeles Pre-ICO Marijuana Dispensary Deal

Free Pre Rolled Cannabis Joint with Eighth Donation

Filled with Top Shelf Bud, Patients’ Choice of Several Strains

Full HR Collective Members Only – Half Ounce Maximum on Free Joint Promotion

Hump Day Wisdom with Willie Nelson

Trip out, man.

As you puff, puff, pass, think about this grave injustice. What’s your favorite Willie Nelson quote? Do you know any other funny quotes about marijuana? Tell us in the comments below; we just might turn the quote into a typographic image like the one above!

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One thought on “Free Cannabis Joint | Funny Willie Nelson Weed Quote | Humboldt Relief

  1. Gary_Fisher

    haha Willie Nelson is awesome and yeah, I’ve heard this one before lol

    There was also one about Michael Phelps getting all that crap about smoking pot when the same year he made world history winning 13 Gold medals in the Olympics

    Get over it people, you can’t claim that stupid stuff about “your brain on drugs is stupid blah blah”. It’s not the bud, it’s the brain lol


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