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Humboldt Relief Will be Closed Saturday August 10th, 2013! We Apologize for Any Inconvenience; Please Arrange Your Visit Accordingly. This is a One Time Only Family Event.

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Marijuana Menu Donation Prices $45 per Top Shelf 1/8th for Full Members, $50 per 1/8th for Temporary Patients

Purple Haze Medical Marijuana Dispensary Menu

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What is the Purple Haze Marijuana Strain?

Purple Haze is a top shelf Sativa dominant hybrid. The genetics are supposedly Thai Haze x Dutch Skunk. Most of the time, Purple marijuana strains exhibit pure Indica characteristics, which means they’re mellow and provide pain relief. The Purple Haze is different because cannabis from the Haze family tends to feel racier and concentrated in the head. Purple Haze is best smoked during the day time; patients who are sensitive to Sativas should careful as Haze strains are known to cause paranoia due to their trippy effects.

Why Can’t I Find A Lot of Purple Weed in Los Angeles?

For whatever reason, purple marijuana strains are more popular in Northern California than in Southern California. Los Angeles patients prefer OG Kush strains, so many collectives cater to their choice of medications. The purple shortage is more evidence during the summer than in the winter. We don’t see many summer purps, and their color usually isn’t the deep, rich shade of winter or spring batches of Olive Oyl.

Is Humboldt Relief Pre-ICO Dispensary Near Woodland Hills, CA?

HR is one of the few remaining pre-ICO cannabis collectives in the San Fernando Valley. We are located in Reseda, which is roughly 7 miles away from nearby Woodland Hills. We welcome patients from all over the Los Angeles area; as long as you have a current recommendation and ID, you are invited to join our dispensary. If you are coming from Woodland Hills, you just need to travel southbound on the 101 freeway and get off at the Reseda Blvd. exit. Make a right at the exit and take Reseda Blvd. up to Kittridge street, which is between Victory and Vanowen near Reseda park. We look forward to meeting you! One Love!

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