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What is Woody OG Natural Honey Bud?

We are not sure what happened to this Woody OG Kush, but the crew discovered a thick, gooey sap while they trimmed the bud. We have never seen anything like this before. The color, taste, and texture are very similar to concentrated cannabis. In fact, the liquid crackles and bubbles when you put a flame to it. We are planning to have this bizarre honey bud lab tested for THC content because we’re pretty sure the results will be off the charts. Come sample the natural honey bud at the best pre- ICO dispensary in Los Angeles—Humboldt Relief!

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4 thoughts on “Woody OG Honey Bud | Dankest Marijuana Menu | Humboldt Relief

    1. Katherine Post author

      High Crackerjack! It is pretty amazing. It was grown here in Los Angeles, so altitude doesn’t seem to be a big thing. I guess sea level or close to it. The honey did dry out but the buds are still super sticky.

  1. jim

    that is unreal. Was it just the one plant that displayed that trait or is it common amongst the stock? would love to know more. seems like a mutation in the genes that control trichome formation or something. incredible.

    1. Katherine Post author

      High Jim, unreal is a good way to describe this batch. The crew’s been growing the Woody OG for a while, and they’ve never seen anything like this. We’re not sure what’s going on here….but we’ve got some plans for these photos :)


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