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Reseda Marijuana Menu Update- New Top Shelf Medication:

  • Diablo OG (I/S) – 20/45/90/180/325
  • Jack Herer (S) – 20/45/90/180/325

Diablo OG Marijuana Strain Pictures

Diablo OG Kush is one of our most popular Indica dominant hybrid strains. Many patients find this medication soothes pain and eases anxiety:

The Devil’s Lettuce

Diablo Cannabis Close Up

Reseda Original

So dank it’s evil.

We are open today, President’s Day, during our normal business hours of 10am – 8pm. Please remember that all patients must bring a medical cannabis rec and ID with them to our Reseda collective. One Love!

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2 thoughts on “Diablo OG Pictures | Menu Update | Humboldt Relief

  1. Elle

    Beautiful! I wish Alabama would let me medicate with weed! This strain would work wonders for my chronic pain and social anxiety!

    1. Katherine Post author

      High Elle! Thanks for visiting our website :) We hope Alabama gets safe access soon for patients like you.

      Humboldt Relief


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