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Hubbys Edibles Chocolate Bars

Made with HUBBY OIL

Hubby Bars are the single most effective medical marijuana edible on the market. Humboldt Relief is proud to carry genuine Hubby’s Chocolate bars in all delicious flavors for the affordable donation price of $10 per bar.

FAQs About Hubby’s Edibles

How Long Do Hubby Bars Last?
Hubby Bars last for several hours; the actual duration varies from patient to patient and depends on dosage, tolerance, and other relative conditions. Patients should note that eating cannabis produces longer lasting effects than smoking marijuana. Edibles typically last between 4 to 8 hours.

How Long Do Hubby Bars Take To Kick In?
The amount of time between ingestion and onset also depends on several factors. Hubby Bars and other edible products should be consumed on an empty stomach, which means at least 2 hours after a meal. Eating cannabis on a full stomach lengthens the time before onset while decreasing the intensity of its effects. You should feel a Hubby Bar kick in within 1 hour after eating. Edibles do not hit the body instantly; do not consume more unless you do not feel anything after waiting over 90 minutes.

Can I Have a Bad Hubby Bar Experience?
Hubby Bars are made with Hash oil instead of cannabis butter, which means they are more powerful than other products. Users with a low tolerance or anxiety issues should medicate in small doses to prevent unpleasant reactions. Try breaking off 1 square at a time. If you do not feel relief within 90 minutes, eat another square. Most bad experiences come from ingesting large doses in one sitting. As long as you pace yourself, you should not have problems. If you start to feel anxious, try eating non-medicated food with a glass of water. Sleep may relieve your symptoms as well.

How Long Does a Hubby Bar Stay In Your System?
Again, there is no universal answer to this question due to individual usage and product potency. Most of the time, the body takes 8 to 14 days to flush a single edible out of the system completely.

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