Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Pictures and Prices 7/23/12

Blue Dream is sitting on the top shelf at our Reseda medical marijuana collective; since it’s a house strain, members pay just $45 per eighth or $90 per quarter ounce! We recommend the Blue Dream to patients in search of a mellow Sativa dominant hybrid:

Blue Dream Medical Marijuana Strain

Ethereal Effects


Blue Dream Sativa Bud

Take a Walk in the Clouds


Blue Dream Sativa Macro Photo

Blue Dream Crystals


Blue Dream Trichomes Close Up

Trichome Close Up


This Blue Dream may be suitable for Indica lovers as well because it lacks the raciness of strong Sativa strains. Nevertheless, Blue Dream should be used for day time medicating so as not to interfere with your sleep schedule. Please remember that all patients must show their cannabis cards along with identification at every dispensary visit. One Love!


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