Headband Marijuana Strain Pictures 7/7/12

Headband is a well known medical marijuana strain of disputed genetics. Most patients experience Headband as a Sativa dominant hybrid, though Indica dominant batches aren’t unheard of. The batch currently sitting on the top shelf of our cannabis menu definitely leans more towards the Sativa side:

Feed your Head!


Strong Sativa


Headband Trichomes


Powerful Head Change.


We do not recommend the Headband strain to patients with anxiety disorders as it may induce unpleasant reactions. That said, all the Sativaheads out there should head straight to our Reseda dispensary before it’s all gone! Please remember to bring your marijuana rec and ID with you in order to access our facility. One Love!

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3 thoughts on “Headband Marijuana Strain Pictures 7/7/12

  1. Jake

    If its true headband it would be indica dominant. Master kush, og kush, and sour diesel. A lot of people think it is just og kush/sour diesel which is probably why you deemed it sativa. Just my 2 cents

    1. Katherine Post author

      High Jake! Thanks for checking out our site! We didn’t grow this Headband, so we go by what the grower says, and the way it feels to us when we medicate with it. Headband is def. a hybrid, but most batches I’ve seen with this name felt more Sativaish. Thanks for the genetic info, tho!

      Humboldt Relief

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