Medical Marijuana Websites

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We are trying to increase our web presence, and we need your help! We would like to know which medical marijuana websites you use in addition to this one. For instance, do you frequent WeedMaps or THCFinder? Or maybe you don’t bother with these types of dispensary hubs at all? Your input will help us determine where we should spend our time interacting with the online patient community. One Love!

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6 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Websites

  1. New818Lady

    I have always been loyal to HR so when a friend of mine said I need to branch out I used Weed … visited another place listed on the site and end of story I’m not leaving HR anytime soon!!

  2. Daniel

    I use WeedmapsI when I’m not at HR. it is easy to read format, has real time updates with menu changes, and usually let’s you know all their hours and info. It my number one site for that.


  3. River has done a world of good for our collective. They are always updating new features and have some nice tools for collectives such as a menu that can be embedded into your own site.

    Thanks for being here and being active :-)

    Much Love
    The Queen of Dragons Collective


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