HR Marijuana Menu 4/28/12

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! We figured you would all enjoy a weekend marijuana menu, so here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find at the best Reseda dispensary:

Top Shelf Marijuana: Member Price $45 per 1/8th Temporary Member Price $50 per 1/8th

Sour Diesel
Pineapple OG
Mandarin Dreams
Deathstar (NEW!)
Queen Jane

Marijuana Specials $40 per 1/8th

Riddler OG
Banana OG
Plain Jane
King George

Marijuana Popcorn $40 per 1/8th

Jane Doe
Queen Jane
Purple King
Larry OG
Mandarin Dreams

Budget Marijuana $20 per 1/8th

Sweet Tooth
Magic Beans

Marijuana Shake $20 per 1/8th
Jane Doe

Now you know where to stock up on OG Kush today. One Love!

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