Humboldt Relief Collective Menu 12/26/11

Greetings Humboldt Relief Collective members! Now that we’ve got you drooling over the Morning Wood, we figured we’d let you know what else we have to offer. So here’s the dankest medical marijuana menu in Reseda:


Top Shelf Medication 20/45/90— $5 OFF!!!

Maximus (HR Staff Pick # 4)
Wicked OG (HR Staff Pick #2)
Brutus (HR Staff Pick #1)
Bannana OG
King George
Fire OG
HR23 (HR Staff Pick #3)
Morning Wood (HR Staff Pick #5)
Jane Doe
God’s Gift
Riddler OG

Budget Medication 10/30/55


Super Value Medication 7/20/35

Sweet Tooth
Magic Beans

Shake Deals 20 eighth/125 Ounce

Queen Jane Shake
Larry23 Shake
Jane23 Shake
Wicked OG Shake

There you have it folks, the perfect way to ring in the New Year! One Love!

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